George Lopez

Season 2 Episode 13

Super Bowl

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2003 on ABC

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  • To celebrate the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl XLVI, I wanted to review this episode

    The Lopez family finds out that Benny's estranged brother, Uncle Joe is dying. George and Angie convince Benny to reconcile with Uncle Joebut Benny's more interested in getting Joe's Super Bowl tickets. Meanwhile, since Benny never taught George how to cope with death when he was younger, he has difficulty attending the funeral. Since today was the Super Bowl XLVI and since the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots.,.. Go Giants!!! I wanted to review this "Super Bowl" episode of "George Lopez". The episode was very funny and it has a very nice plot. The funniest part out of this entire episode is BY FAR the ending with George Lopez was listening to the Super Bowl with this Uncle Joe (who is dead) and then George was crying and the person at the funeral was giving him beer and said "Can I have chips?" (or something like that). It was sad that Benny's brother Joe was dying and it was very nice how Benny told George that her talking to Joe felt just like when they were kids again and how she realized that it was more valuable talking to Joe (before he dies) than for Super Bowl tickets. Benny also helping George to cope with his death when George has never attended a funeral was nice as well. Overall, this Super Bowl episode of "George Lopez" has good humor with a very nice and well written plot. 10/10