George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 20

The Art of Boxing

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2004 on ABC



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    • George: I can't lie to her anymore.
      Vic: What if I lie and YOU nod vigorously?
      George: I can do that.

    • Angie: (About Max) Maybe he needs to see a therapist.
      George: (About Vic) Honey, he's not crazy. He's just old and lonely and can't buy his own breakfast.

    • (Angie found out that Vic, George and Benny put Max in boxing)
      Angie: Max, go upstairs and ice your eye. I need to talk to your IDIOT... and your GRAND-idiots!

    • (Angie is yelling at George, Vic and Beny for putting Max in boxing)
      Vic: You know, one nice thing about being divorced is that I can do this.
      (Vic leaves)
      Benny: And I don't give a crap, so I can do this.
      (Benny grabs a beer and leaves)

    • George: Look, I'm not gonna rat anybody out, but someone in this room said "oya chico, I got it, boxing."
      (Angie looks at Vic)
      Vic: Oya chica Benny, he ratted you out.

    • Benny: Ernie, I'm not going to insult you. I just have a message for you. Willy Wonka called. He wants you back at the factory right away.

    • Carmen: (singing to Max) Lullaby, and goodnight. And slip into you're coma...
      George: Carmen!

    • Max: Oh, my night-light's out, so I'm gonna leave my door open and the hall light on.
      George: You got it killer.
      Max: No, I'm serious. Leave it on.

    • Vic: How can he get hurt George? He's half Mexican and half cuban!
      George: Oh! He was born to fight! And live at home until he's 40.

    • Vic: Hello Angie, my angel. Hello Benita, my little devil. Hello George my---yeah there you are.

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