George Lopez

Season 4 Episode 8

Trouble in Paradise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2004 on ABC
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A horrible dinner that features a drunk Carmen and dirty secrets about the town, convinces the Lopez's that L.A. is still the place for them.

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  • Part 2 of this "George Lopez" Thanksgiving episode was GOOD... but it was pretty disappointing and nowhere near as good as Part 1

    A horrible dinner that features a drunk Carmen and dirty secrets about the town, convinces the Lopez's that L.A. is still the place for them. Well, Part 2 of this Thanksgiving episode was pretty disappointing. I mean, Part 2 is still good and that's why it gets a 7 from but it was just wasn't as good as Part 1. The worst part of this episode is probably when drunken Carmen came at the dinner table. Wow! it's Thanksgiving and while everyone is giving thanks... drunken Carmen comes in and ruins it. That was like the worst part of the episode that really lowered my score. The other problem was how those parents actually let their kids go out and do those horrible things. I'm glad that George, Angie, Carmen, and Max moved back to Los Angles. So yeah, it was a pretty ruined Thanksgiving episode if you ask me. As for Ernie being scarred for life seeing Benny and Vic kiss each other at the end of Part 1, it was so funny and his how he scared throughout this episode was funny. George's line "Oh man, I'm not wearing my lucky underwear" when that man was gonna interview him at the last minute was very funny. I don't know if I recommend this episode or not but I liked it even though there were a few huge flaws. Overall, Part 2 of this Thanksgiving was good and very funny at some parts but it was nowhere near as good as Part 1... it's watchable at least. 7/10moreless
Valente Rodriguez

Valente Rodriguez

Ernesto 'Ernie' Cardenas

Belita Moreno

Belita Moreno

Benita 'Benny' Lopez

Constance Marie

Constance Marie

Angie Palmero Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez

Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha

Carmen Conzuela Lopez

Luis Armand Garcia

Luis Armand Garcia

Max Lopez

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    • Vic: (to Angie) I move from Cuba to Miami to Los Angeles so we can all go to Colorado where it is colder than a witch's teta, and I know because I slept with your mother's poking into my back for 30 years!

    • George: Our kids didn't get in this alone. Somebody gave my son a hickey and somebody gave my 15 year old daughter beer.
      Carmen: You can get it anywhere around here, Dad, everybody drinks and nobody cards you.
      Winnie: I'll have you know my oldest son has never had alcohol.
      Carmen: Ha-ha!
      Winnie: So that's where the ice cream is going.

    • Winnie: Angie, your daughter's stinking drunk.
      Carmen: I sure 'yam...but what else is there to do here except drink? Unless you want to make out with some tramp behind the Canyon Mart. (sees Lil' Bit) Hey you're here!

    • George: Where the hell is Carmen?
      Angie: She said she was going to the Canyon Mart for some more yams but that was an hour ago.
      Winnie: George, the food is getting cold, where's Carmen?
      George: Oh well if I know my sweet daughter she probably stopped somewhere to help at a soup kitchen.
      Winnie: There are soup kitchens in Denver, you don't know where your own daughter is?
      George: (changing the subject) Did you hear about Mr. Perkins?

    • George: We'll use the small town rumors to our advantage.
      Angie: I think Mr. Perkins overheard you.
      George: (so the waiter can hear them) Who's going to believe Mr. Perkins, an alcoholic transvestite?

    • Benny: Did you see all that roadkill out there? Do you think those were all accidents? Those animals were trying to end it all. We ran over a squirrel and I swear I heard it whisper 'bless you, stranger'.

    • George: (to Benny) You behave yourself or else all I have to do is shove you outside, yell "WILD BOAR" and wait for the shooting to start. Then I'll have you mounted so the high school football team can rub your snout for good luck

    • Carmen: (drunk) Hey everybody! Sorry I'm late but I got the yams! (takes a beer bottle out of a paper bag) Whoopsie.
      George: Oh no, somebody gave my diabetes daughter root beer and now she's got the sugar dizzies.
      Mr. Perkins: That was a real beer bottle.
      George: Who's going to listen to your lies, he/she?

    • George: Two months from now I can see myself whittling and leaning over a pickle barrel.

    • Tom: We'll wait for you...unless you're scared.
      Carmen: Scared? I was on the streets, I was in a rap video having a pillow fight on a water bed, AND I was swinging the end with the zipper on it. That'll leave a red mark.

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