George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 17

Weekend at Benny's

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2004 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (George just found out Carmen was wearing thongs)
      Angie: George, don't get angry.
      George: Why shouldn't I? We told her she couldn't wear thongs, and she did it behind our backs. I'm going down to my mom's.
      Angie: No one's there.
      George: I'll wait.
      Angie: George, you can't punish her for this.
      George: Why not?
      Angie: Because... I gave her permission to wear the underwear.
      George: ... WHEN?!
      Angie: (struggling to say something) Before. I told you I did. This is your fault, you never listen to me.
      George: ... Oh no, not this time. I may not listen to you when you talk about your day or your feelings. But when you say the word "thong"... the rest of the world melts away.