George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 27

What George Doesn't Noah (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 21, 2004 on ABC

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  • whoa didn't see that coming I got a bad feeling about this episode

    In the start of a 3 part saga we learn that Carmen's has a new boyfriend and then George and Angie don't want to ruid it but i don't think they ruided Carmen's last boyfriend he cheated on her. Then after George read's Carmen's boyfriend Noah's text he think Noah is cheating or something then Max is worry that he is going to fail the 5th grade then George and Benny spy on Noah and then Noah give a guy a kiss on the cheek and I said ah Gay I don't know why i alway say that then Noah tells George and Angie that Carmen is dating Zack and who know what is going to happen
  • Carmen is forbidden to see her boyfriend, so she tells her parents she found a new boyfriend. George follows the new boyfriend to the movies, and find that he is with someone else.

    This is by far my favorite episode. Not only was it rich in humor, but it was unpredictable. When it was revealed Carmen broke up with Zach, their parents were happy, and ready to meet the new boyfriend. They liked him a lot, but found a text on his phone from someone asking him when he could leave Carmen's house. George took this to mean that he was cheating on her. George and Benny follow him, and they get to the movies, and they see the boyfriend sitting there by himself. Then, a girl walks over, and sits next to him, and George and Benny are convinced he is cheating. Soon after, a guy walks by, and sits on the other side of the boy, and they start to kiss. Geoerge thinks that he is cheating on Carmen with a guy, but it is then revealed that Carmen knew the guy was gay and she just used him as a cover for Zach, who she was still dating. It's clever, and there are a lot of funny jokes to go along with it.
  • When a show puts a great actor like Johnny Pacar in the position of a g@y guy, then apparently the writers have gone too far.

    YUCK! When I first started watching the show, I really liked it. Now, they are always talking about sex, and stuff. Carmen has had like ten boyfriends, and like, been cheated on, or they've broken up with her everytime. And now they get into this g@y business. Thats not cool. Sickos.

    Why can't we just make some good television shows these days? You could have Carmen and Noah pretending to date, but not have Noah dating a MAN!! At least have him dating someone of a different gender! No one likes g@y guys! Especially when shows have episodes on these kind of topics. Nobody likes it! Its a good way to get your ratings down, and I swear it.

    No further questions. This episode was just horrible, sick, and gross. No offense to anyone who liked this, but this was a pretty nasty episode to say the least.