George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 27

What George Doesn't Noah (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 21, 2004 on ABC



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    • (George and Benny say Noah is cheating on Carmen)
      Benny: I know for sure that guy's a liar.
      Angie: How?!
      Benny: He said your cooking was delicious! What? Either he's a liar, or he's never had food before.

    • (George and Benny are spying on Noah as a girl approaches him)
      Benny: Ding! Ding! Ding! My whore-dar's going off.

    • (Angie came up with pathetic examples for Noah's mysterious behavior)
      Benny: (to George) You just got the green light for side action, 'cause she will never figure it out.

    • (Noah said Carmen is really dating Zack Powers)
      George: I am going to kill Carmen!
      Angie: I'm tired of you leaving me out of everything. We are going to kill Carmen.
      George: So we'll still have one kid left.
      Angie: Max is a good boy. He will be our future.
      (Max walks out the door)
      Max:(cheerfully) Well, I'm off to fail the fifth grade.

    • George: Come on, Angie. Last year, when I said we should go out for my mother's birthday, I meant so that she couldn't find us.

    • Zack: How come you never wear this tube top for me?
      Carmen: That's a headband.
      Zack: Alright then, put this thong on.
      Carmen: That's a shoelace.
      Zack: Work with me.

    • Angie: He's a jock, he's probably afraid to come out so he's using Carmen as a cover. I can't begin to imagine what Noah must be feeling.
      Benny: I don't need to imagine, I saw what he was feeling, it was 17 and muscular...
      George: Mom!

    • Noah: Look, I'm really sorry about this. I mean, you guys were really nice to me. And your mother. I really enjoyed meeting your mother...
      George: Enough of your lies! Get out! (Shoves Noah out the door)
      George (mocking Noah): "I enjoyed meeting your mother", taya loca! "Enjoyed meeting your mother!"

    • George: Your boyfriend's in the closet.
      Carmen: Oh my God! (Closet door slowly opens and Zack starts to walk out, George doesn't notice)
      George: I know, I don't like it either. But just because Noah's gay... (Zack slowly gets back in the closet) It has nothing to do with you.

    • (After seeing Noah kiss a guy)
      George: Man, that kid's a player. He's just playing for the other team!!

    • Benny: I know for sure that guy's a liar!
      Angie: How?
      Benny: He said your cooking was delicious! Either he's a liar, or he's never had food before.

    • Benny: It's like my mother always told me, "Get cheated on once, shame on them. Get cheated on twice...start putting out."

    • Carmen: I can't wait until you finally get your first girlfriend. My kids are going to love walking it and feeding it!
      Max: So you ARE pregnant!
      Carmen: Buttmunch!
      Max: Buttweed!
      Carmen: Buttface.
      Angie: Ok, stop it, you are both buttmunching, buttweeding, buttfaces!

    • Zack Don't I get a kiss goodbye?:
      George: Sure, let me bend over and drop my pants!

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