George Lopez

Season 3 Episode 26

Wrecking Ball

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Benny: I'm not even going to miss men. But tell you the truth...I'm going to miss the sex.

      Gina: You don't need a man to have sex. (looks smugly at Benny)

      It can be presumed that Gina is bisexual.

  • Quotes

    • Mel: Look, I'll be honest, Zack's had some problems: Getting kicked out of school and everything. Part of that is my fault for not being there. I mean every 16 year old needs a father.
      George: Didn't he turn 17 yesterday?
      Mel: Oh, so that's why the nanny was pulling my arm going fiesta, fiesta senior.

    • Mel: How's my boy doing?
      George: How's he doing as the boss's son or how's he doing as a worker?
      Mel: Let's start with worker.
      George: Bad attitude, late, incompetent.
      Mel: Okay, let's try boss's son.
      George: Bad attitude, late, incompetent, but I look forward to working for him someday.

    • Ernie: (about the damaged factory) Hey, I have an alibi.
      George: Nobody's saying it's you, Ernie.
      Ernie: I was out with a woman last night, all right?
      George: Okay, now I'm a little suspicious.

    • (After the factory is destroyed)
      George: (to the workers) Okay, look. If anyone has any idea who might have done this, please come and see me in my office. It'll be strictly confidential.
      Ernie: I think it was Benny.
      George: I said come into my office.

    • (Benny storms out after finding out her co-workers were betting on whether she would marry Randy)
      George: (to everyone) Are you happy? My mother's in pain. Now, I hope we all learned a lesson about making a game out of other people's suffering!
      (a crash is heard and a car alarm goes off)
      George: (to everyone) 20 bucks that's Mel's car!

    • Benny: (to George) I always stood up for you. When you were a kid, people accused you of cheating on a test, stealing something, I always said you were innocent. Hell, you could've killed somebody, I would've gone on TV and told everybody you were a good boy, right after I hid the body.

    • Benny: I am telling you this because I love you.
      George: What? Oh, the lies are back. I'm home again.

    • Benny: Oh, hey. Am I fired?
      George: Nope. You're still hanging to the same thread you've been clinging to for 36 years. You're off the hook. Mel's son was looking for attention and he took it out on the factory.
      Carmen: Zack Powers did this?
      George: Hey, I told you that dude was a criminal! God. God help the skank that falls in love with him. (Carmen makes a face)

    • George: Come on Mel, would you fire your mom for something she didn't do?
      Mel: Oh man, I just wish she was alive so I could do it again!

    • George: I had a horrible day. One of the workers trashed the factory. We have to shut down.
      Angie (seriously): Oh my God, who would do that? (laughs) I'm just messing with you. What's gonna happen to your mom?

    • Benny: I got one for you George. "Sapoidi". SHUT ANGIE'S PIEHOLE OR I'LL DO IT!!!!

    • Carmen: Bob who?
      George: You know--big, scary Bob from work. She kicked him in the little scary Bobs.

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