George Lopez

Season 5 Episode 2

You Dropped a Mom on Me

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • These are the messages Benny got:

      "You deserve it."
      "You had it coming."
      "What the hell does God have to do to finish you off?"
      "I hope you build a new house... but this time paint the windows shut, so you burn inside like the wicked witch you are."

    • Benny was rooting for a 20 yard field goal. There was a penalty marker on the first field goal attempt then the second attempt was another 20 yard field goal attempt. The line of scrimmage never moved a yard on the penalty and the football rules say the line of scrimmage moves a couple of yards or more if one of the teams make a penalty.

  • Quotes

    • Benny: You live alone, you die alone, and that just doesn't sound like the party it used to.

    • Benny: (talking to a snail on the ground) Hey there Mr. snail, at least you got your house on your back.Any room in there for me?

    • (Ernie is reading notes to Benny about her house)
      Ernie:(first letter) You had it coming. (second letter) You deserve it. (third letter) What the hell does God have to do to finish you off. (fourth letter) I hope you get another house...
      Angie: That's not bad.
      Ernie:(continuing the letter) but this time paint the windows shut, so you burn inside like the wicked witch you are.
      George: Who signed that? I want to send them a Christmas card.
      Ernie: Actually the whole neighborhood signed it, like a petition.

    • Benny: I brought you into this world and I didn't have to.
      George: I remember you speaking into my crib saying "Goodnight, my little drunken mistake."
      Benny: You remember that from when you were a baby?
      George: NO! You didn't get me a real bed until I was seven! I was so cramped up, I woke up with a stiff leg, saying "Wait for me!" (Walks with one leg straight)

    • Ernie: (After Angie yells at George) Someone call the fire department... CAUSE YOU JUST GOT BURNED!
      George: At least I got a woman to yell at me, BACK BURNED! Truce?
      Ernie: Yeah...

    • George: Come on Mom, we found some great apartments.
      Benny: None of them didn't feel like home.
      George: That's cause you haven't added your special features: Spill some beers... claw marks on the head boards... maybe a chubby Mexican boy you can ignore for 18 years.

    • Carmen: When Jason said he'd love me forever, he meant forever.
      Max: When he said that, was your shirt on or off?
      Angie: UPSTAIRS!
      Max: It matters...

    • Ernie: Poor Benny, I can't imagine losing everything I own and start all over.
      George: Yeah, it'd be tough to lose all those Speed Racer sheets and the Rubik's Cube finished on one side.

    • Benny: What do you know? Angie's night shirt fits me!
      Ernie: (Reads) You want fries... with this shake?
      George: That's not a shake, vato, that's an unhappy meal.

    • Benny: When you were a kid, I didn't ask you why you were crying, I held you.
      George: I remember you holding me as a shield to spray down a beehive!
      Benny: I was allergic, I thought you weren't and I was wrong, I'm sorry.
      George: It would have been nice to here that at the hospital when I was breathing through a coffee straw.

    • George: (to Benny) You know, this is the second time in two days I thought you were dead. I'm starting to be okay with the idea.

  • Notes

    • Benny burns her house down, and her car in back-to-back episodes. The reason that both of these burned always had something to do with Benny forgetting about her lit cigarette.

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