George of the Jungle

Weekdays 2:30 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jun 29, 2007 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Beetle Invasion - George must help stop a beetle infestation that he inadvertently started. The Naked Ape Man - George's lack of clothing is called into question.
    • Aromageddon - George's body odor after a lengthy time between baths has unforeseen consequences. Found Temple of Gold - George is tricked into taking a bobby trapped temple as his new home and desperately tries to undo the trade.
    • Cone Head; Cousin Larry of the Jungle
      George must wear a cone after coming down with a rash, which he fears will ruin his Broadway career; George's ultra-competitive cousin visits the jungle.
    • Cone Head - George must wear a protective cone to keep from scratching an infected itch.

      Cousin Larry of the Jungle - George's arrogant cousin Larry comes for a visit and problems quickly arise.
    • License to Swing; My Own Private Hero
      While learning to master Ursula's new vine-swinging system, George befriends the "bad kids" in class. Later, a marmoset must wrestle a gorilla and seeks George's help.
    • License to Swing: Ursala's new vine-swinging system is way too complicated, landing George in Ape's remedial safety class. While there, he falls in with the "bad kids". My Own Private Hero: It's Danger Season, when George's pledge to aid all jungle creatures is put to the test. When Mitch, a sneaky marmoset, tries to make George his personal danger servant, George's friends attempt to fill in for George and end up in danger themselves.moreless
    • 7/9/07
      Lucky Pants - A pair of underpants is seen as a good luck charm by George and the others. As a result, they each try to claim ownership of them. Ape Ruth - George and Ape square off in a series of competitive contests.
    • Don't Thank Me - George, Ursula and Magnolia go out of their way to thank Ape for everything to the point where Ape tries to hide from them.

      For The Love of Sloth - George is obsessed with a sloth becoming his friend.
    • Bathroom of the Apes - A legend about a curse placed on an outhouse by an ape king may come true. Beauty vs. Beasts - George and his friends become obsessed with personal appearance and this is taken advantage of by a pair of scheming peacocks.
    • 7/12/07
      Star Power - George's jungle friends find that their wishes when they see shooting stars are coming true. L'il Orphan Anteater - George cares for a young anteater that he believes is orphaned but Shep is jealous.
    • 7/16/07
      The Vegemaster - George and his friends, facing a food shortage, travel to meet with a man who calls himself the Vegemaster. Eagle Tick - George gains the ability to fly after being bit by an unusual bug.
    • 7/19/07
      The Snoring - George finds himself helpless to stop Ape's loud snoring at night. George's Day Off - At his friend's insistence, George takes a vacation away from the jungle. However, his friends quickly discover that George's duties are very difficult to fill in for.
    • 7/23/07
      FrankenGeorge - A zombie curse threatens George and his friends.

      Afraid of Nothing - George becomes paranoid after a scary campfire tale and turns his tree house into a fortress.
    • 7/24/07
      Brother George - George is tutored by several different gurus and finds he is supposed to be on three different sides for an upcoming battle. Ape Mitzvah - While Ape goes through an annual rite of passage mandated by the Greater Ape Council, George tries to figure out what species he descended from.moreless
    • Brother George; Ape Mitzvah
      George is recruited to lead a legendary battle for three separate groups; George has an identity crisis after Ape's peers won't let him attend an apes-only event.
    • George Skips Breakfast - George's preparing breakfast for his friends is interrupted by a play being conducted in the area.

      Muscle Mania - Magnolia desires to become stronger but after bathing in a muscle mutation agent, she transforms into a much larger brute.
    • Rebel Without a Claw; Stripy Pony
      The predators and prey of the jungle switch roles, causing a disruption of "natural order"; Magnolia wants a pony, but George tries to fool her with a zebra instead.
    • Mantler, the Man with Antlers; Mount Georgemore
      George competes to meet his favorite superhero, and investigates a crime at Mount Georgemore.
  • Season 2