George of the Jungle

Season 2 Episode 8

Extreme Lamebrains/Still Got It

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Extreme Lamebrains George and his friends are lying around home and with nothing going on of note, they are all very bored. Suddenly, George hears a cry for help and he and Ape head out to rescue whoever it is. George and Ape see two men in a barrel heading down a river and rapidly approaching a deadly waterfalls. George stops them by lassoing their barrel with a vine but one of the men oddly cuts the vine and they go over the waterfalls whooping in delight and shouting "Extreme!!!". A few moments, George and Ape, who had fallen into the river during their rescue efforts, also hit the base of the waterfalls. Once ashore, George asks the men why they wanted to go over the waterfalls and the men reply that they hoped they had been injured or worse as they were recording it all on a camera. Ursula and Magnolia and Ursula identifies the men as being Rip and Trip Hoot from Extreme Lamebrains, a stunt themed show that emphasizes dangerous set-ups. Hoping to impress the two, George gets them to film him opening up the mouth of a giant snake and climbing inside. Told that George does this stuff all the time, the guys get George to start doing dangerous stunts so they record it for television. Some time later, George performs his next stunt for the Lamebrains guys: bobbing for piranha inside of a garbage can full of the dangerous fish. After performing the stunt, George is asked to do it again by Trip as the cap was left on the camera. For the next stunt, the Lamebrains guys get George to eat jungle chili pepper that is extremely hot and while this is happening, Ursula and Magnolia, disguised as alligators nearby, see this and fear George is going to get hurt and the show guys don't care. Next, the Hoot guys take George and Ape to the rim of an active volcano and dare them to be the first to go lava surfing inside. George and Ape are reluctant to go and the show guys jump in first followed by George and Ape. However, the Hoot guys secretly stop on a ledge well short of the lava and record George and Ape crashing to the bottom and winding up yelling for help from a rock they are clinging onto. Tooki Tooki alerts Ursula and Magnolia to George and Ape's predicament and the two girls head to the volcano to rescue them. The girls slide down on a rope to rescue everybody but the Lamebrains guys use the rope to save themselves and leave George and his friends to their fate. At the last second, Ursula pulls out a parachute and uses the steam from the volcano to rise up and out of the volcano even as the Lamebrains guys run to stay ahead of the lava flowing from the volcano. Still Got It The narrator relates that to survive the jungle, one must endure the heat and site's the celebration of Grouch Mouth's seventy fifth birthday as an example. Grouch Mouth is upset that he was pranked by an exploding birthday cake and grumbles that he used to be known as the king of the pranksters. Grouch Mouth looks to prove he still has it by getting back into shape (lifting his cane above his head, driving his scooter) and pranking a turtle and a pair of flamingos. With that, he declares that the king of the pranksters is back. Before long, the jungle animals are complaining to George that he has stop Grouch Mouth's continual pranking of everybody. George attempts to talk with Grouch Mouth but the elderly lion gets away from George on his scooter. At the refreshment stand, George bemoans that Grouch Mouth eluded him and thinks everyone will think he's losing his touch. The Witch Doctor says in the old days, the only thing that stopped Grouch Mouth's pranking was a man known as the Mighty Burbank and the only person who could control him was his sweetheart, the Mighty Mary. With this in mind, George arranges for a helicopter to deliver the Mighty Burbank to the jungle and George asks him to stop Grouch Mouth's pranking once again. Shortly thereafter, with the jungle animals in attendance, Grouch Mouth and the Mighty Burbank square off in a wrestling ring. However, the elderly combatants have trouble staying awake and George decides to intervene and try to get the match moving. However, at this point, the two combatants join forces and prank George by pulling his loincloth up near his head. Moments later, the animals in attendance feel the wrath of the elderly duo and the jungle is soon awash in pranks. Recalling what the Witch Doctor said, Ursula arranges for the Might Mary to visit the jungle. Soon thereafter, she boards a waiting helicopter with the Mighty Burbank to their home and invites Grouch Mouth to live with them. George thinks that is the last time anyone will be pranked and moments later his tree house and tree crash to the ground, to the amusement of the departing pranksters.

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