George of the Jungle

Season 2 Episode 10

Jungle Bells/The Goat Of Christmas Presents

Aired Weekdays 2:30 PM Nov 07, 2007 on TELETOON

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  • Yes, sometimes new Is a good thing! :idea:

    Renewals and revivals of an existing franchise is a very tricky thing. If you don't get it right, the fans of the original will hate the new stuff for the rest of their lives (quite possibly!) And there's no telling how new potential fans will react to the show probably knowing nothing about the original version. I've seen the original series (although I don't remember much about it,) I've seen the live-action movie version of it (which I actually liked) and I was on pins and needles anticipating how a new cartoon series version of "George of the Jungle" would be handled. The Canadians may already know this, but I think this show is going to be a big hit in the states! This is the first episode for people in the states and already the pace is frantic and crazy. George is still a zany guy who doesn't have a lot of smarts, but his friends are there to make sure that he still manages to make things right in the end somehow! George pulls off the semmingly impossible by bringing Christmas to the jungle with the help of Santa Ape who is a red baboon, and George and Ape even deliver presents to Ursula with reindeer bats! It's just as wonderfully insane as the original, and it's got a better pace and animation to boot! Plus George learns about the true meaning of Christmas (sort of) from three time traveling goats (not ghosts) and learns that it's not a good idea to celebrate Christmas every day as you miss out on all the other holidays! Hey, at least it's somewhat original! :lol: At long last, we may have an update of a show which not only retains the spirit of the original And updates it for a more modern taste, but just might out-do the original in terms of humor and animation that the original never could have dreamed of! Yes, the future looks bright for "George of the Jungle" in the U.S.A! :D