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  • Rewatched it recently. Not as bad as everyone says/

    I have to be honest about this show, I don't like ANY of the voice acting, but theres some acceptable humor as well as gross out that try's to be like ren and stimpy or brandy and mr. whiskers and fails, other that that its a pretty decent show that slowly grew on me.
  • I guess it's okay.

    This show is just okay, it's not as good as total drama in my opinion, but it definitely owns johnny test and almost naked animals. The animation is nice but the characters can get really annoying at times except ape. The jokes are really, and I mean REEEEEALY hit and miss with me. I guess it's 49% hit and 51% miss. Overall, a mediocre show, it's just a liiiiiiiiittle retarted that's all. And I'd be lying if I said I started crying when this show ended.
  • Remake is cool

    This show is with Choward, Home Movies, The Mr. Men Show & Stoker & Hoop to save the hide of Cartoon Network, I mean it better than Squirrle Boy or Viz's verson of Bleach this manage to be good for a change the plot are oringenal like the one where George be friends with a sloth & the voice-actors matches the charaters & the remake it self is probaly in the same leval as "Mr. Bean: the Animated Series" & "Lil' Bush" & when it's over I hope Boomerang will rerun it. This, The Mr. Men Show, & Home Movies are welcome to stay at CN when-ever they want
  • One of the shows that destroyed Cartoon Network

    This show was full of crap. whoever the hell made this must have crap for brains. the jokes were stale and had unfunny humor. thank god it's not on TV anymore.
  • G.O.T.J. could have worked as a reboot from the 60s version, but it was severely hampered by poor jokes and lack of humor

    It's common today to see Hollywood remake movies and TV shows be remade as well. One of those remade shows was George of the Jungle, a show based on the 60s show, which I never saw, and it actually looked pretty promising. The show has all the familiar characters from the G.O.T.J. series, George, Ape, Ursula, and so on. Where the show starts to fall apart though is that the humor in this show barely has any humor in it and most of the jokes in this show are poorly dome or are bad puns. The artwork and animation while not terrible, could have been done so much better, it can get choppy from time to time, and the main color this show has is green, I know this is a jungle, but why is 90% of the show in green? It makes me sick. The characters are barely funny and the humor they actually provide that is funny is very rare and its so boring. The only characters who were pretty funny were Ape and Toki Toki. There was plenty of potential for this show, but G.O.T.J. proves that like most remakes, the original is way better. I never saw the 60s version, but I can bet that it's better than this junk. If you do see this show on TV, make like George and swing on a vine and away from this terrible remake of a classic.
  • Hmm. I don't what to say but after a while this show is decent.

    I've never watched the 60's version of GOTJ but this one works as well. Except I hate this ones theme song why couldn't they think of something else. The animation I have to say is pretty good for flash. Would be perfect if there wasn't the "head bobbing" at random times. Some of the characters are still the same except now they made George a bony wimp, Ape is still smart, he still has his pet elephant and the rest are the rest. Though the only thing I didnt like was that episode "The naked Ape Man". Who wants to watch 15mins of a guy walking around naked in a jungle and that's were it leads me to Canada well known humor: Crude,Gross and Toilet. But besides that there were other episodes I did laugh at for once they actually brainstormed.

    But yeah this show is ok for those who want to the remake but I hope they don't make another episode were crude,Gross and Toilet jokes is present all the time. But at least they put this show first on Camp Teletoon.
  • change the channel!!..

    this show is stupid! the humor seems like it's forced & the plots suck. i love the live action movie version of this, but when GOTJ went animated, i couldnt believe it. i'm glad it hardly comes on anymore. it's terrible! oh, the animation is god-awful! the movies were better than this! Cartoon network, please cancel this if it isnt cancelled already. CN's wastin their time airing this. when it goes off the air completely, i'll pray it stays off the airwaves forever. george of the jungle destroys your brain cells. although, it isnt the worst show out there, it's still pretty bad.
  • One of the shows that is destroying Cartoon Network.

    I really do not like this show. This show in my mind should be removed from television ASAP. This show in my mind is one of the shows that is destroying Cartoon Network, along with Out of Jimmy's Head, Chop Socky Chooks, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Squirrel Boy, and Johnny Test. The humor in this show stinks. The jokes are not even remotely funny, and would make you angry. The dialog in this show is not too good either. The episodes are really boring, and do not make any sense at all. I really do not like the characters in this show. Ursula has blonde hair, not orange hair. George is not supposed to act like a child all the time. Jungle men are smart people. Overall, horrible show, forgettable characters, boring dialog, and serious lame humor. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would completely remove this show along with the others mentioned above, and bring back great classics like: Johnny Bravo, Time Squad, The Powerpuff Girls, Gundam SEED, and Gundam Wing. DO NOT watch this show people, it will make you mad.
  • What. The. Hell.

    What was this show? It was supposed (read: supposed) to be a reboot of a 1960's cartoon (and believe me, I wish I'd seen that one instead), but there were 101 things wrong with it. The first had to be the pun 'jokes'. They were supposed to be funny, but they ended up irritating me. Magnolia had the most annoying milk-curdling voice ever, topped by George. George reminded me of Patrick Star, but up to eleven, and you almost felt sorry for Ape, as he stood as the only normal voiced person-ape in the whole jungle. The colors were hideous, and the plotlines were stale as a pretzel. The Elmo-talk George had was annoyingly the point where Elmo could have very well adopted him. Ursula ended up being very flat as well, and a tan ripoff of Jane Porter from Tarzan, except more action-y.
  • New "George" is a jungle bungle.

    Tiffany Ward, executive producer of this new "George Of The Jungle," is the daughter of Jay Ward, co-creator (with Allan Burns) of the original "George", which ran on ABC from 1967 to 1970. Suffice to say, the apple has fallen far from the tree.

    The original George was as muscular as he was muscle-headed, and the episodes were pure Ward: set-up, payoff. Set-up, payoff. And those delicious puns were a Ward standby. At six minutes per episode, that's as much as we could hope for, and the animation--atypical Ward--was as adequate as ABC's budgets would allow. (NOTE: This show lost money because it didn't deliver enough of the 2-11 age demographic.)

    This new "George" is hopelessly failsafe. It was a deliberate decision not only to skew the show younger but to make George younger as well. Not only is the pacing negligible--no set-up, no payoff--but the dialogue is limp and the Flash art is just vector shapes moving across flat backgrounds. Character designs of George and Ape are hideous. And, as cute as she is, do we really need Magnolia Scott as another sidekick?

    If there's a plus to any of this, they left out Tom Slick and Super Chicken. I would hate to see what they would have done to them.
  • Abysmal

    I like to watch Cartoons, I really do, but it's hard to defend them when there are shows like this. First of all, it's a rip-off of a very successful cartoon, Dave the Barbarien (blah) and it follows it to a halt. The animation's nice, I'll say that it look good, but that's it. Teletoon managed to make the show uninteresting, with dumb plots, dumbing down of characters, awful scripts (what kind of explorer kidnapps a caveman like George!?) So, I'll say that I like the animation of the show, but I hate everything else about it, so it's a fail. 1.5/10 F-
  • Cartoon Terrible Network

    George of the jungle isnt owned by the people who created the movie (Disney) and if it was the show would be better this show seems so stupid one day im going to Applebees and this kid is begging this lady to turn this off and put something good on all the kids did so we ended up watching sponge bob but thats not the point the point is that this show needs to cancle like BAM! no one i know likes this show i hate it make that all CN shows accpet these"
    Mavorlous flapjack
    Grim Billy & Mandy
    ED edd and eddy
    Cartoon Network should got to its 90's days and add these shows because these are the only good ones
  • It's a total comedown from the original series.

    When I was a little boy, me and my three brothers used to watch George of the Jungle on TV all the time. Even my father enjoys it. He has a collection of the episodes on video. It was one of the funniest shows that the late Jay Ward has ever produced. I am afraid that that is far more than I can say for this new version. It is a total comedown from the original series from the 1960s. I fail to find a single funny moment in this horribe excuse for a TV comedy show. I urge you all to avoid this show and try to find a DVD of the original program instead.
  • Okay I guess this Show isn't the best, but I'd say its not as bad as MGPAM, SB, and OOJH.

    I haven't seen much of this Show but it doesn't look that bad, I thought it was pretty funny, and the Characters I think are very good! So they decided to make an Animated Version of the Movie eh? Well, if its one thing I noticed is that this looks to be a lot different than the Movie...but still, I find this Show quite interesting! i've only seen a Few Episodes but when I saw them i actually thought this was a pretty good Show! The Female Characters I think they aslo did a good ib with, because I find them to be hot! Heh heh! Well, they made a Televised Version from the Movie in Animated Form, but I mean you should at least ive it a Chance because I'm sure they tried to have this Show to try and save them after the Tragic Trio of MGPAM, SB, and OOJH. So overall I think they looked like they at least put some Effort into this Show, and did better with the Animation, at least it looks like it to me! So I guess that's about it, George of the Jungle isn't that bad of a Show in my Opinion!
  • It's a good show, I don't know why people hate it so much.

    George of the Jungle is a new Cartoon Network show, which features the 1960's character George of the Jungle. I'll admit the show isn't "all that" but it's a decent show. It grows on the viewers, despite it getting bad reviews. The animation is good, and the stories are interesting. I especially like the character of Tookie Tookie who is George's friend and a bird. Overall, the show isn't as bad as people who dislike it say it is. I can't say it goes ahead of my time (because it really doesn't) but it's interesting, and that counts for something, right?
  • ahhhhhhhhh

    wow this is a pretty good show not the best but its good but its good enough to get a 10.0 becuase i think its way bettter than the moves or the old series its better than the atari but not as good as chowder or spongebob or ed edd n eddy so i love this show but this is GOD compared to dora and seasomy sreet i could go for some pretzel know well do you want a french fri? lol ok i just like this show well i cant come up with anything else to say so uh bye guys im done with this reveiw.....turn this reveiw off lol there now bye
  • Worst.Show.Ever.

    I had to write a new review for this because someone reported my old one for some reason.
    This show is one of the stupidest shows ever put on air, even worse than those little kiddy shows like Telitubies (P.S: I know I mispelled it). I am both thankful that this show has been cancelled and amazed that it hadn't been cancled earlier.
    This show was so idiotic that I could feel my IQ drop several points as I watched it. Needless to say, I changed the channel soon so I wouldn't have my brain completely drained by the time it was over.
  • Warms my little heart...

    I love this show! It always brings me in a good mood even if I'm watching the same episode more than once! The lively spirit is overwhelming and makes me want to wear a leaf skirt and dance on the beach even though I'm a guy xD The characters are all funny and lovable: George is a silly but optimistic guy who always sees the bright sides of the worst situations; Ape is like a big brother who can be just as silly at times in his own ape way; Ursula is so smart and reasonable, always bringing sense into George but also appreciating his acts of kindness and sweetness; the doctors always make a mess when they argue over the efficiency of each other's magical and scientific ways; and Magnolia is my favourite cartoon character ever! She's always so cheery, so funny, so vain that I can't help myself but love her and smile every time I see her! I've watched an episode of the original "George of the Jungle" cartoon and I find the new one as a much brighter and joyful experience. A hunk of muscle making puns while smacking people does not make the same joyous impression as the clumsy teen george in the new series. And he's married to Ursula... what's with that? It's more fun when the characters are young and just friends. I'm not saying the old show isn't good, I'm just saying I enjoy the atmosphere of the new show much more. And worst of all, the old series don't have Magnolia!!
  • Obviously my old review was deleted due to saying it was offensive ...

    So I'm gonna write myself a new one ...

    In a long story short ...

    George of the Jungle is a show based on one in a 1960's series. This show was then released in Canada, then was eventually given to the desperate chanel Cartoon Network to give as a show. First, they aired it as a Christmas special. I saw the special and I thought it was super lame. Afterwards, I saw the episodes that came on the week before ... and I thought the same thing. Seeing two GotJ episodes already, I already knew the show was going to be lame with graphics and such, so I didn't even bother watching the rest. Enough said.
  • A good 1960 show turned wrong....Horribly wrong Second worst show I ever watched, I'm not kidding!

    The show.....well. It's bad, really bad, and I'm not kidding, but the show is as much good as eating bran flakes without the milk! You don't belive me? I watched the show before and it's awful. Here's why:

    Art 6.5/10 - Not too bad, but it's very old and dated. It's not the only bad thing here.

    Characters 8/10 - Good people

    Voiceacting 5/10 - not bad, but it's annoying as hell to listen to them and that is not the worst part!!

    Dialogue 3/10 - The biggest downfall: reptitve, boring, and annoying! The jokes are corny, and the plots are stupid in the crappist way possible. And Madman stop laughing evily every freaking time you finish talking or every 2 ***king seconds!! Oh my god!

    Warning: may contain the worst possible thing I ever have to hear every freaking time....The second worst show ever!

    Sounds 0.5/10 - Don't get me started. The sounds are old, disgusting, tacky, and gross. It doesn't come close to good at all. If you watched the show....well you'll know soon enough, hopefully!

    Animation 6/10 - the animation is okay, but it's really old and unrealistic.

    Music 5.5/10 - Nothing that good, though

    Overall 3/10 - I would never though the show would do so badly on its voiceacting, dialogue, and sounds. On the other hand, the only good parts are decent art, good character, so-so animations, and somewhat boring music. So please............Avoid this show at all costs even having to sleep with a goat covered with spit for 15 minutes!
  • Three words, This Show Sucks!

    Okay, I have been hearing there was a original series just like this show that was made in the 60's and some say it was better, I wasn't born in the 60's and I never saw it before, but I can tell it might be better than this one! The animation in this show kinda bothers me because it's kinda too bright, the jokes are horrid, and the plots really stink too! Cartoonetwork let us down again with another bad show, I wish they could find out if they put up the old shows they'll get more viewers. Sorry to all the George of the Jungle fans. 1/10
  • Possibly the worst spin-off or remake ever..........

    George of the Jungle is a show about George who protects animals.The plot is completely unoriginal since it's a remake and now they made George a weakling instead of the big strong guy he used to be. Animation- Bad but acceptable.

    Humor- Completely terrible. Maybe there were three funny jokes at the maximum out of the whole series.

    Characters- Completely not funny and they are not very likable.

    The episode plots are completely strange (like when George goes to look for a certain egg when there are millions of them and the episode where Ape goes crazy over bananas.)

    Overall,this show is extremely predictable,not funny at all,and definitely not worth a view.
  • Extremely uninteresting!

    Nothing memorable about this show. It's a remake of another show, and most remakes I've seen were not that good. This show is no exception in my mind.

    George is supposed to be helping the animals in the jungle, but it really seems like he has no common sense. Or logic. (Which brings up the question, "How does he actually survive?") The ape seems much smarter than him. Sometimes stupid is funny, but really, this is just over doing it. He seems to follow a pattern in behavior, which makes him kinda predictable. It's not that much better with the other characters, either.
    I think the humor part is supposed to be coming from George doing stupid things, but I'm just not feeling it. It seems like the stupidity or the sake of comedy is just plain stupidity on the characters' part.
    The art is okay. Personally, I think that it's the best aspect of this show. It's cartoonish, and cutesy, which makes it okay. Although, art is not everything…
    …….which brings me to my last point. Plot. It's not that great, and I go by the rule if I can't really remember it, it's not that great. I can barely remember the 4 part finale, and I HAVE seen other episodes of George of the Jungle besides that before, too. Overall, the 11 or 12 minute long episodes have very simple plots, and simple plots are boring.

    Usually, I'd give a show I didn't like a 4 to a 7, but I really can't see that much good in this show. The only somewhat good thing is the art.
  • I can't believe they actually expect kids to watch this.

    Stupid, boring, lame, and did I mention it was stupid?

    IMO, this show is killing Cartoon Network. Seriously. This is the stupidest show they have ever put on air. I mean, Is this show even supposed to be remotely funny? The humor is very stale, the animation is terrible, and the characters are boring. Cartoon Network needs to cancel this show before its too late, and this show isn't really getting good ratings, either. Overall, terrible show, lame humor, and just completely stupid. Don't watch this show, its 30 minutes minutes of your life that you'll never ever get back.
  • OMG why did Cartoon Network do this...

    Ok first of all, this show is not funny and its just plain dumb, George sometimes does random things that are dumb and plus he stinks. I kinda liked the movie of it in real life but when they made an animated series they just killed the George of the Jungle series. But what was Cartoon Network thinking putting this show, they should at least come to this website and see how bad this show really is. OMG what's happening to good shows like Ed, Edd n' Eddy and some other great shows man if only they just sticked with the old shows. If you haven't seen this show don't watch it because it is not funny at all and like I said stick with the great cartoon shows please..
  • this show is simply pathetic.

    what we have here is another cheesy and lame show made for profit.this show is jusi awfull!the animation is a cheap flash.character design is uncreative and is stupid and annoying.he acts like a 3-year and a failed comic releif.and hes suppost to be king of the jungle but he looks so wimpy.i knew somethings gonna be wrong with this show from the minute he started slapping his butt.and whats with the bumping in the trees?so overused and not funny.other characters are dull and forgetable.and whats with the animals?the plot is set in african jungle,right?well what are tigers,penguins,slots,kangaroos and pandas doing there?the creators should go back to school.i mean they putted like every single animal known to man in the jungle.that didnt made the show interesting.and there is the humor thats the worst of all.its so childish and stupid.take for example aqua teen hunger force.the plot is stupid but its sooo funny i just adore it.but george of the jungle made me yawn and change the channel.there isnt any love and effort put in this show.just a waiste of time
  • Poor Animation + Lack of Originality = Bad Show.

    I always moan whenever this show comes on. The comedy wouldn't make even a toddler giggle. The jokes have no creativity in them - how many times do I have to see old people fall asleep, people crash into stuff, or people who stink badly? There are a few episodes that had some pretty neat plots, but the humor was just not there. The characters are just too poorly developed for the show to actually be interesting. They aren't complex at all. George is always dumb as a rock. The ape is always trying to put some sense into George as well as the other girl in the show. The characters are just too predictable.
  • Yet another cookie-cutter flash animated "comedy" cartoon from cartoon network... And guess what, it's as bad as it sounds... if not worse...

    George of the jungle was once a tv show back in the 1960's. It had iconic characters and a pun-filled sense of humor. Fast forward to the year 2007 and you get a re-make of said show... only it sucks. All of the wit of the old show and all the subtle little puns and such are all gone. In its place is a type of dumbed down cookie cutter humor that a lot of cartoons are known for. The type of humor that thinks that the word "Underwear" makes people laugh. It only makes little children slightly snicker... not laugh. The humor is witless and childish. Too childish even for small children. The animation is colorful and all but the drawings are sub-par and the animation is horrible and cheap. Cartoon Network has to stop using Adobe Flash for their shows...

    So, take a cookie-cutter show, throw in some childish and witless humor, throw in some re-hashed stale and over used plots, mix with bad animation and you've got George of the jungle...

  • This is a review that talks about this show and how in correct it is this should not be aloud as a tv show for us kids and should deffiantly be taken off

    Ok so basicly this show is soo stupid it isn't even funny first off this show speaks in the third person yeah not to good for little kids who are trying t o learn how to speak ok also what is up with this show having some normal girl walking around the jungle all day ah she has no servival skills how is she surviving also there is this one hygine episode who in there right mind would let someone watch that i mean some kids don't wanna take a bath as it is and this is just furthering the stryiotype that baths are not that important um also where does he get all this equitment that he has i mean yet again he is in the middle of the jungle with a bunch of talkinf animals who some obey whistles who obeys a whistle come on get real this show is so bad for us kids it isn't even funny this show should be terminated and they should brainwash whoever watched it so that they forgot all about i mean that is how bad this show was put together
  • Not that great.

    George of the jungle is not really that good.
    It's not funny, and surely not Cartoon Network at it's best.
    The only thing I like about this show is it's introduction [or theme song]. Other than that, George of the Jungle is a show where if you haven't seen it yet, you aren't missing anything. I was sort of surprised when I found out that this show was coming to Cartoon Network, the animation looks like something from the Disney channel. Well the point is that if you haven't seen it yet, you really aren't missing anything. Thank you for reading my review. -anderson587
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