George of the Jungle

Weekdays 2:30 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jun 29, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • Hmm. I don't what to say but after a while this show is decent.

    I've never watched the 60's version of GOTJ but this one works as well. Except I hate this ones theme song why couldn't they think of something else. The animation I have to say is pretty good for flash. Would be perfect if there wasn't the "head bobbing" at random times. Some of the characters are still the same except now they made George a bony wimp, Ape is still smart, he still has his pet elephant and the rest are the rest. Though the only thing I didnt like was that episode "The naked Ape Man". Who wants to watch 15mins of a guy walking around naked in a jungle and that's were it leads me to Canada well known humor: Crude,Gross and Toilet. But besides that there were other episodes I did laugh at for once they actually brainstormed.

    But yeah this show is ok for those who want to the remake but I hope they don't make another episode were crude,Gross and Toilet jokes is present all the time. But at least they put this show first on Camp Teletoon.