George of the Jungle

Weekdays 2:30 PM on TELETOON Premiered Jun 29, 2007 Between Seasons





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  • G.O.T.J. could have worked as a reboot from the 60s version, but it was severely hampered by poor jokes and lack of humor

    It's common today to see Hollywood remake movies and TV shows be remade as well. One of those remade shows was George of the Jungle, a show based on the 60s show, which I never saw, and it actually looked pretty promising. The show has all the familiar characters from the G.O.T.J. series, George, Ape, Ursula, and so on. Where the show starts to fall apart though is that the humor in this show barely has any humor in it and most of the jokes in this show are poorly dome or are bad puns. The artwork and animation while not terrible, could have been done so much better, it can get choppy from time to time, and the main color this show has is green, I know this is a jungle, but why is 90% of the show in green? It makes me sick. The characters are barely funny and the humor they actually provide that is funny is very rare and its so boring. The only characters who were pretty funny were Ape and Toki Toki. There was plenty of potential for this show, but G.O.T.J. proves that like most remakes, the original is way better. I never saw the 60s version, but I can bet that it's better than this junk. If you do see this show on TV, make like George and swing on a vine and away from this terrible remake of a classic.