George Shrinks

PBS (ended 2001)


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  • Love it

    So cool.
  • My little girl likes this show a lot, and I've got to admit it's pretty interesting as PBS kids shows go.

    My little girl likes this show a lot, and I've got to admit it's pretty interesting as PBS kids shows go. The music is catchy and I enjoy the way the family gets along together and help each other through troubles. The whole show has a kind of 1950's feel-good nature about it. There isn't any violence or rude words, which I like for my little girl (she's 2). I like the focus on creativity and eco-friendly living as well. Although I know it's a sign of the shows lack of success, I like the idea that there aren't millions of George Shrinks toys out there that my daughter will beg me for. I'd recommend it for kids 2-10.
  • Very good. If they made more episodes this would be perfect.

    Its not true to say this cartoon is just for kids adults can enjoy it too. In every episode George got into situations and had to think small to fix them along with the help of his friend Becky who was very smart it shows how important teamwork is. Too bad not many people watch it as it judged as a kids show. Drawings are a real art they make the characters look like ordinary people. Its a shame it is not out on dvd. I look forward to seeing it again im hoping they bring it back.
  • Pretty good!

    I think this show is gret for little kids. And i also think that also a few older kids watch it but tht's okay becaue it has good storylines and is good becaause of its moreals and stuff. I think that even a few kids in my school watch it but they try to secretly hide it.
  • COOL!

    I think this is a really cool show. Sure it's a little kid show, but who cares?! I think this is a really cool show for little kids. I used to see it on PBS Kids but they don't show PBS that much any more. But I like :

    Toy George
    Return to Sender
    From Bad to Worse
    Can we Keep Him?
    If it Ain't Broke

    I think this is a really good show for kids. Now a days thing that are shown on TV are not good for kids to watch becuase there is bad examples, violence, and potty-mouthing. I say they should continue showing it.
  • Why is this called George Shrinks, he's already small?

    I really can't understand this show, although most little kids I'm around seem to enjoy it. Here's what I don't get, if George is that little, how come he has all kinds of different clothes? Does his mother make them for him. More importantly, how did he make is zooper? What kind of materials could he have used that were that small. I know I'm thinking too much of a little kids show, but frankly I want to know. The animation is okay and the voices are fine, but it's the plot I can't comphrehend. The biggest flaw is the title, "George Shrinks". I'm sorry but George never shrinks in this show, except for that one time he had a dream he was the size of everyone else and then he shrunk to his original size.
  • kinda boring.

    It seems like it the same story everytime. somethings lost or happened and george has to solve it. but seriously i cant believe this show didnt have many episodes. I thought this show was popular among kids. But i guess not. One of these days if george gets in a fight at school someone will step on him.