George Shrinks

PBS (ended 2001)


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  • Why is this called George Shrinks, he's already small?

    I really can't understand this show, although most little kids I'm around seem to enjoy it. Here's what I don't get, if George is that little, how come he has all kinds of different clothes? Does his mother make them for him. More importantly, how did he make is zooper? What kind of materials could he have used that were that small. I know I'm thinking too much of a little kids show, but frankly I want to know. The animation is okay and the voices are fine, but it's the plot I can't comphrehend. The biggest flaw is the title, "George Shrinks". I'm sorry but George never shrinks in this show, except for that one time he had a dream he was the size of everyone else and then he shrunk to his original size.