Gerald McBoing Boing

CBS (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Sleepover, Chalkboard and Trojan Cow
      Sound checks include a frog that crows to cover for his sleeping a rooster.
    • Popcorn, Shadows, and 20,000 Boings Under the Sea
      Sound check includes a fish that sounds like a seagull.
    • Lost Dog, Horses and Monsters
      Sound checks include a mouse and elephant switching voices and playing on a seesaw.
    • Hopscotch, Hugs and Hunchbacks
      Sound checks include a sheep that howls like a wolf.
    • Thin Ice, Squeaky Shoes, and Leprechauns
      Sound check includes a baby chick growling and an aligator chirping.
    • Museum, Coyotes, and a Race Around the World
      Sound checks include a frog that hoots and an owl that ribbits.
    • Hardware, Hair and Hairy Weather
      Sound check of an elephant gobbling like a turkey.
    • Camping, Watchdogs, and Janinerella
      Sound check of a lion meowing and a cat roaring.
    • Hide-N-Seek, Escapes, and The Beanstalk
      Sound check of two horses, one meowing and one barking, scaring the first one away.
    • Haircuts, Opera, and the Albino Alligator
      Sound check of a horse meowing like a cat.
    • Hot Rod, Elevators, and Genie Meanie
      Sound check of a bird meowing like a cat.
    • Cheese, Birds, and Cave Kids
      Sound check of a pig buzzing like a bee.
    • Swings, Cans and the Flying Ace
      Sound check of a penguin hissing like a snake.
    • Photos, Radio and Knights
      Sound check of a giraffe barking like a seal.
    • Mini-Golf, Checkers and Bad Manners
      Sound Checks: A dog ballon animal that really barks.

      Real World: Gerald and his dad play mini-golf.

      Gags: Gerald keeps making sounds to bother Jacob during his turn.

      Fantasy: Gerald is up against Bad Manners Magee in an old-west setting.

      Home: Gerald makes strange sounds while he is sick.
    • Dog Tricks, spare change and the lost snowmen
      Sound Checks: A bear thinks it's a sheep.

      Real World: Gerald meets his dog Burp for the first time.

      Gags: Gerald uses sounds to pretend he has coins in his pocket.

      Fantasy: The kids help a snowman return home to his home in the arctic.

      Home: Gerald uses his sounds to speed up a restaurant meal.moreless
    • Videos, Cats and Superheroes
      Sound checks: A mouse barks at Gerald.

      Real World: Gerald and friends try to decide what kind of DVD to watch.

      Gags: A kitten stuck in a tree turns out to be Bengal tiger.

      Fantasy: Gerald saves his "superhero" pals Janine and Jacob.

      Home: Mom tries to guess the stain on Gerald's shirt by the sounds he makes.moreless
    • Burp, Crybaby Blues, and The Return of Scritchy McBeard
      Sound Checks: An elephant coos like a pigeon. Real World: Gerald meets Burp, and discovers his unique sound. Gags: Gerald cries like a baby to get attention. Fantasy: A pirate kidnaps Janine and Jacob in order to trap Gerald. Home: Gerald tries to fool his mom by making the sounds of cleaning his room.moreless
    • Tornado, Chicken and Circus
      Sound Checks: A quacking hippo dives into a watering hole. Real World: Gerald tries to tell Dad a tornado is coming, but Dad takes him bowling. Gags: Gerald's clucking sounds help him get a piece of chicken at a picnic. Fantasy: Gerald's sounds save the circus. Home: Dad cooks a meal while Gerald uses sounds to "read" the recipe.moreless
    • Good Deans, librarians, and aliens
      Sound Checks: An elephant crows like a rooster. Real World: Gerald helps a sweet old lady, who ends up robbing a bank. Gags: a librarians tries (unsuccessfully) to keep Gerald quiet in the library. Fantasy: The kids travel through space to solve the mystery of the "squeaky" aliens. Home: Dad misinterprets Gerald's mouse squeaks, and oils every squeaky item around.moreless
    • Cars, Bees, and Magic Puppies
      Sound Checks: A dolphin trains a human.

      Real World: The McCloy Family goes shopping for a new car.

      Gags: Gerald accidentally calls several moose over to his house.

      Fantasy: Jacob turns into a puppy.

      Home: Mom and Dad wants the kids to play quietly, but Gerald makes things louder and harder for his parents.
    • Carnivals, Phones, and Sneezing Dragons
      Sound Checks: A fish barks like a dog.

      Real World: Gerald's tries to help Dad win a mystery prize at a carnival.

      Gags: Gerald makes "rings" in a phone store.

      Fantasy: Gerald uses his sounds to keep a dragon from sneezing.

      Home: Dad confuses Gerald's play sounds with real-life chaos.
    • Ghosts, Owls, and an Evil Witch
      Sound Checks: A fly ribbits like a frog.

      Real World: Dad and Gerald try to escape a haunted house.

      Gags: Gerald uses his sounds while trick-or-treating.

      Fantasy: Gerald must rescue Janine and Jacob from a scary witch.

      Home: Mom makes Gerald play outside.
    • Art, Glass, and the Deep Dark Jungle
      Sound Checks: A barbershop quartet of sheep, where one sheep brays like a donkey.

      Real World: Gerald compliments an artist with his sounds.

      Gags: Gerald makes glass-breaking and pants-ripping sounds in a department store.

      Fantasy: A Tarzan-like Gerald tries to rescue Janine and Jacob from the hazards of the jungle.

      Home: Gerald must save Dad from his own invention.moreless
    • The Dentist, the Sheep and the Two Anniversary Gifts
      Sound Checks: A gorilla chirps like a bird.

      Real World: Gerald wants to clean Burp's teeth after visiting the dentist.

      Gags: Gerald counts sheep and deals with a dripping faucet as he tries to get to bed.

      Fantasy: An old Western tale of the sound-making kid vs. the sound-making machine.

      Home: Gerald's sounds enhance his parents' anniversary gifts.moreless
    • Monkeys, Wrestling, and the World's Greatest Super Spy Story
      Sound Check: A roaring ballerina; a ballet-dancing dinosaur.

      Real World: Gerald tries to warn his dad about an escaped zoo gorilla.

      Gags: Gerald imitates the "ding" of a wrestling bell.

      Fantasy: Det. McBoing Boing hunts for blankie-stealing Greta von Grabby.

      Home: Gerald distracts Dad with sounds so that he can take some cookies.
    • Parades, Honking and Mumbling Mummies
      Sound Check: A tap-dancing walrus, a dog cutting a cat's hair.

      Real World: Gerald's parade sounds send mall patrons marching wildly.

      Gags: Gerald honks like a car horn.

      Fantasy: Gerald and friends meet the Mumbling Mummies of Mumble-Mumblay.

      Home: The McCloy's plan their summer vacation.
    • Cuckoos and Pirates
      Sound Check: A duck moos like a cow.

      Real World: Gerald tries to warn Dad of danger on their way to Gerald's music lessons.

      Gags: Gerald mimics a cuckoo clock at a cuckoo clock shop.

      Fantasy: Gerald tries to save the town from a pirate.

      Real World: Mom tries to give Gerald a saxophone lesson.moreless
  • Season 1