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  • Gerald Mcboring.

    Based on Dr.Seuss's book, Gerald McBoing Boing.

    Plot: If you red the book, then you might know it already, it's interesting in the book, but in this show, it's not. It's about a boy Gerald who speaks by sound effects a lot. And really boring.

    Characters: They're much more lowered down in the book, Gerald is more stupid, in the book, he's conservative, and a nice guy. VA, is a little annoying.

    Humor/Education Value: Sucks at both of those, it may teach kids to make random noises and be annoying, and the humor tries hard to be Tom & Jerry or Woodywood Pecker. Telling the sound effects is the nice thing in here.

    Art: Nice, no issues.

    Overall: 0.9. What a down.

  • Dr. Seuss is rolling in his grave

    This is just another case of a book adaptation gone terribly wrong. Gerald McBoing Boing is based on the book series from everyone's favorite children's book author Dr. Seuss. It follows a boy named Gerald who is only able to speak through sound effects only like a ball bouncing, or a car horn, and so on. I only read one book of this series, and basically it was Gerald being shunned out by his friends, and used his gift to make everyone believe that it's OK to be different. If this show is trying to be educational then it fails at that. It teaches kids certain sound effects which is nice, but it seems to also implicate that it's OK to make those sound effects everywhere you go. It's kind of a bad message and unneeded. Kids will think they can make these sounds at a library, in class, or anywhere else. The humor is just pathetic, and terrible. It tries to use slapstick humor, and it doesn't work at all. The artwork is pretty decent and good, and the animation is also good it flows smoothly in the show. Overall, If Dr. Seuss was alive today he would just shake his head in disbelief, and pull the plug on this show. I also heard this show is getting new episodes, and if it is then I hope it isn't on Cartoon Network. Unless you want your kids to be making sound effects constantly parents are advised to show kids the Dr. Seuss books instead of watching this show.
  • What is this?

    My 94th review after: "blue's room." This is just a Bad Update of the 1952 version of the show from NBC. it's about this kid that cannot speak words but with sounds instead. Come on now, The Land before time is the best eductional cartoon on cartoon network, They told kids how to be kind, how to look out for younger kids, Trying new stuff, Working together and Increasing Courage. Why doesn't this cartoon have this? It Doesn't even lived up to the Original and I think this show is very, very, very, VERY bad. I'm going to keep the review short today, but this cartoon will get a D--. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: D-- 4.9/10.0 There are Barely any Scripts and Voices in the show and The people are very annoying.

    Animation: F-- 1.0/10.0 Better then Out of Jimmy' head but it's still abysmal and in a slump.

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Very poorly Done. Cookie Jar entertainment can do better then this.

    Dialouge: F-- 2.0/10.0 There's hardly any. But Terribly Created.

    Sound: F-- 1.5/10.0 Ouch. The sound effects are Horrible!!! That Kid doesn't even say a Word! No Gerald! No Mc! No Boing boing!!!

    Educational Value: F-- 1.5/10.0 The Land Before time had Better Education but why doesn't this?

    Lasting Appeal: E 3.5/10.0 After the first 3 minutes of it, it gets Horribly Repetitive, and Annoying and Boring.

    Overall: D-- 3.9/10.0 This is a Bad Update of a cartoon, Why is Cartoon Network agreeing to air toddler shows on their network?! I just don't get cartoon network at all.
  • Its been more then 50 years since Gerald Mcboing boing was created by Dr Seuss. I haven't seen the original but I have seen the TV series (2005) and found it to be a weird but entertaining cartoon.

    Gerald Mcboing Boing was first made in 1950 by Dr Seuss it was all about a little boy who never talked with words but with sounds instead. In 2005 the story was made into a TV series. After more then 50 years its good to see Gerald hasn't been forgot. Gerald's 2 friends Jacob and Janine and his pet dog Burp fit quite well in the story along new villans a witch a pirate and a pilot. This cartoon is silly and makes no sense at all but it is still very funny and worth a good look.
  • Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! no one knows I watch dis!

    I like this show because of the sounds of it. If this show was not good, why they were showing this show weekdays at 9:30 A.M. on cartoon network. I think alot of kids are watching this show because it was fun and the sound that the characters were saying "Guess the soundtrack". It was making the kids entertain while they were watching this show. I used to watch it, but I still do sometimes when I can!
  • It's ok, but if you want your kids to learn something, turn the channel now

    I decided to watch this show out of boredom, get to see what it was about.

    Shows like this can hinder your child's vocabulary, telling them, you don't always need to talk to get around in life. While I don't belive the show directly endorses that, for a child that is the message they receive indirectly.

    Things like this can have your children acting out in class often making noises when it's not appropriate.

    It's an ok show, but make sure your children have more educational shows to prevent them from wasting time in lessons learned from shows like these.

  • This show could be entertaining to young children, but parents let it be known that it has little educational value.

    The show is about a kid named Gerald who can only speak in different sounds. The show can be quite entertaining for young children due to the sounds that Gerald makes, however it is not that educational. It can teach children about different sounds, however sometimes they will think that a cricket can bark, when really a dog is supposed to bark. It also teaches children that laughter can be medicine, however that canbe taught by plenty of other shows that have other valuable morals in them that this show doesn't have. So I would say that it deserves a 6 due to the fact that it does have an entertainment value, however it doesn't have that many morals, so I only give it a 6 out of 10.
  • I know this show is for kids, but this show is great for me.

    I like this show because of the sounds of it. If this show was not good, why they were showing this show weekdays at 9:30 A.M. on cartoon network. I think alot of kids are watching this show because it was fun and the sound that the characters were saying "Guess the soundtrack". It was making the kids entertain while they were watching this show. I never watch this whole show, but it is great for me.
  • It may get a moral to little kids but those who are older may want to ask that this show is annoying!

    The remake of the classical Gerald McBoing Boing which is on Tickle U basically has no other choice but to give the moral which the whole moral is that Laugh is the best medicine and can effect your life. It's the same old thing but containing with older people now it sometimes annoying like this classical boing sound everytime in the show but what makes the show a little bit annoying is the theme song which is always annoying like the sounds. The episodes are sometimes pretty and sometimes there just bad enough to see this toon go in style. A 5.5 score out of 10 overall.