Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust

Comedy Central (ended 2003)


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Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust

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Join your German-native travel host Gerhard Reinke each week as he takes you on a comedic journey to exciting and exotic destinations around the world. You'll laugh along the way as Gerhard always manages to stumble around each location that is of course so foreign to him. Watch Gerhard try his best to blend in with his new surroundings which is nearly impossible for him, but hillarious for us. But no matter where he treks off to next, there will hopefully be plenty of cheese; the man just loves his cheese.
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  • Gehard Reinke is a bumbling travel show host whose "facts" and "adventures" are hilarious...good times!!!

    Who could not like this show? It was the funniest thing I had seen in on Comedy Central (at the time) next to The Man Show, Insomniac, and South Park. Since it was produced by Jackhole Productions, the humor is relatively the same as the rest of the shows in this stable (The Man Show, Crank Yankers, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Too Late with Adam Carolla) Gerhard Reinke's travels are hilarious to say the least. And remember: In South America the 'OK' sign symbolizes the anus and is highly offensive. (A great 'Gerhard's Fun Fact' from the show.)moreless
  • Great spoof of travel shows, extremely funny mix of understated humor and complete absurdity even for those who do not watch travel shows.

    Let me start with my only criticism of the show -- they did not make enough episodes!!! However, even within the scope of only six episodes, they managed to establish running jokes ("Ow! My ankle!", "beautiful stock footage", "there is no word in German or English..."), and "Gerhard" (not his real name, contrary to the credits) manages to maintain his fake German accent throughout.

    The show manages to combine often crude humor with an understated approach that, along with its "documentary" style, makes this show very different -- there is no other show that I know of similar to this, and very few are as funny.

    The show's six destinations are the Amazon, the Andes, Baja, California, Ireland, and Thailand. If only Comedy Central had ordered more episodes, we could have looked forward to seeing Gerhard in Africa, Australia, and more European, Asian and North American locations.

    (See? I can write positive reviews, too! I just wish more shows deserved them.)moreless