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  • Love It!

    I love it I love it I love it!!!!!
  • This is entertainment...

    I can't think of any other show that had such an effect on my personality or sense of humor. This was the show me and my friends always discussed the next morning in school.
  • Genius through simplicity.

    Being someone who loved this show, never missed it, sought finding copies of it for years after, and now that I have them frequently watch the episodes over and over again, I have to say that though I'm sad about its short life, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did and not surprised at all that they yanked it. TV viewers typically don't want to be constantly reminded they're watching TV, which is exactly what this show did in a snotty kind way, using participation and exploitation of every TV cliche and character ever made, which was brilliantly hilarious and undermining to television itself. Whereas 99% of television shows are just the same story, the same character, the same scenes, jokes, action sequences, componants, etc. played again and again with thinly veiled changes made to showcase the times or a particular niche, they all do this while desperately trying to mask the sameness, the cliche, the fact that you've already seen this before. If you don't see it you get absorbed in the story line and call it a good show, but if you've watched TV attentively this at some point becomes impossible, and the hiding of the fakeness of it all shows through. Get a Life, hated by many executives at FOX, is one of the few shows ever made that made absolutely zero effort at trying to convince you in any way that what you were watching had any basis in reality at all. The brilliantly ludicrous writing combined with the unique comedic expression only Chris Elliot can reveal mocked TV, mocked it's characters, mocked itself, and mocked the notion that people pretending, displayed on a little screen in your home should be taken seriously in any way whatsoever, instead displaying nakedly the nonsensical nature of story lines, characters, cliches, eras, slangs, just as they are, but so much so that they fall apart and can only be laughed to death at. It was one of a kind and I've never seen anything else like it and don't expect too, TV audiences are trained to be able to develop expectations, comfort, and developmental anticipation for the characters and stories they tune in for every week. This show made no sense at all and followed no logic whatsoever, and I'm sure that turned 90% of audiences out there off instantly, as well as the suits who pump out the food for those audiences. It was absurd, ungrounded, and completely phony in every way, in other words it was exactly like every single other program on the air, but was one of the only ones with enough dignity to let you see all of that every minute it was on the air, and not try to convince you it was anything better, which of course made it that. Can't say enough good things about it. Extraordinary.
  • Possibly the best comedy ever...

    Back in the early nineties, a show that contained so many surreal moments and nods to pop culture with such an immature yet sophisticated mindset, was a novelty. Unsung, underappreciated - the proverbial flash in the pan that Get a Life is, so many shows today surely owe their existence to this gem whether they know it or not. Either that or these guys just did it first, but which ever way you cut it - this show is pivotal, seminal and other big impressive words you would use to describe something that is truly awesome. Scrubs, Family Guy, My Name is Earl - these shows might not even know of little Chrissy Peterson and his wacky adventures but one thing is for sure, if Get a Life was made today it would be a stone cold hit. For Jeebus sake, someone release this show on DVD! Before Al Gore kills us all!
  • a classic that got lost in the pile.........sadly. chris elliot and brian doyle-murray make this worth watching.

    chris elliot plays a 30 yr old paperboy still living in his dads basement, and finds some interesting things to do with his days.............which are so off the wall, youll probably think before laughing, and then bust out in hilarity. this show only lasted 2 yrs, but i think its because it was so far ahead of its time. if you put this out now, it would score. im looking for a dvd collection of the episodes, and hope to find it soon. this was a funny show, and i miss it.............remember this show? it used to be on after parker lewis on 41................
  • Chris Elliott plays a slacker who lives at home with his parents and works as a paper boy.

    I remember when this show was first on,I wasnt really into it.To be honest,Chris Elliott has always struck me as an acquired taste.But the episodes I remember were actually pretty funny,especially the ones with Brian Doyle-Murray.And the shows producer was David Mirkin,straight from The Simpsons,so it had something going for it.I think if the show had lasted I mightve become a regular watcher.One of the things I remember is the theme,"Stand" by REM.And seeing Chris Elliott with his father,comic icon Bob Elliott from Bob and Ray,was great.I guess the show is on DVD now,so maybe someday,Ill check it out again.
  • Crazy Comidy Fun!

    This show was the Funnyest thing I have ever seen 2nd only to Married with Children.

    The world's oldest Paper boy moves out of his parents house (or was it kicked out?) and moves into a Retired dead beat cop's gardge, where a load of crazy and outrageusly humoris events take place.

    Like like Married with Children on Acid!
  • The first show about a flat out loser becomes a sure fire winner!!!

    The first time I ever saw Chris Elliot was as the Conspiracy guy on "Late Night with David Letterman" and from then on it was a big deal with my circle of friends when ever he appeared.

    Well, the writing he did on Letterman was only a warm up to the hilarity that would be "Get a Life". The early 90's show of a stupid, goofy, and very dumb 30 year old Paper boy who still lives with his parents was just so hip many people didn't get it. It was a show where Chris would sometimes die at the end!!! Certainly well ahead of it's time, and certainly in need of a season by season DVD release. "Get a Life" is a great show for somebody who wants something quirky and different with their half hour Sit-Com.