Get a Life

FOX (ended 1992)





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  • Possibly the best comedy ever...

    Back in the early nineties, a show that contained so many surreal moments and nods to pop culture with such an immature yet sophisticated mindset, was a novelty. Unsung, underappreciated - the proverbial flash in the pan that Get a Life is, so many shows today surely owe their existence to this gem whether they know it or not. Either that or these guys just did it first, but which ever way you cut it - this show is pivotal, seminal and other big impressive words you would use to describe something that is truly awesome. Scrubs, Family Guy, My Name is Earl - these shows might not even know of little Chrissy Peterson and his wacky adventures but one thing is for sure, if Get a Life was made today it would be a stone cold hit. For Jeebus sake, someone release this show on DVD! Before Al Gore kills us all!