Get a Life

Season 1 Episode 1

Terror on the Hell Loop 2000

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1990 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The newspaper which Chris delivers on his bike during the opening credits is the Pioneer Press, the St. Paul, Minnesota-based newspaper which primarily serves the Twin Cities.

  • Quotes

    • Larry: Listen, the last time we went on one of your little adventures, we ran over a pig.
      Chris: No, no, Larry, that was an accident, and it was not a pig. It was a bag of garbage.

    • Chris: sings to the tune of Billy Joel's horrid hit "We Didn't Start the Fire"
      Watergate was really bad, the movie Brian's Song was kind of sad,
      playing Pac-Man at the Mall, China under Marshal Law. Gobachev comes to town, Chris and Larry upside down. We didn't start the fire.

    • Chris: Hey listen, Sharon. I brought you something. ah... little gift. This is the new Victoria Secret catalog. Ah... I'm done with it but I went ahead and circled some items in here that, ah... Well, maybe you should take a look at, unless of course you are more comfortable with the burlap bag look. And don't get me wrong, I really think it looks terrific on you but maybe your should.
      Sharon: Chris, let me just say this as precisely as I possibly can. You're thirty years old, you still live with your parents, you're losing your hair and you're stupid! Yeah, ya know, I think that just about covers it.

    • (While hanging upside down on the Hell Loop 2000.)
      Larry: I just want to go home, home to my kids and my dear sweet wife.
      Chris: Dear sweet wife! Hey pal, I don't know what you're smoking over there, but I think it's distorting you sense of reality.

    • Chris:Don't worry Larry, I know just how to sweet talk Sharon. You leave this to me. Sharon, hi. How are ya? Hey listen ah... um... just a little constructive criticism, maybe before you leave the house in the morning you should try dabbing on a little make-up. Maybe that would help.
      Sharon: Chris?
      Chris: Yeah?
      Sharon: Do you realize that I am in position to thrust my knee upward with great passion and velocity?
      Chris: Let me get this straight Sharon. You're coming on to me with your husband standing right over there?

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