Get Along Gang

CBS (ended 1986)


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  • Pretty good cartoon

    I thought this show was pretty good. It was typical of the time period. Every episode had a lesson to learn. So, while kids were watching an entertaining set of characters, they also learned about sharing, solving problems without fighting, dealing with bullies, self esteem, etc. I liked the choice of animals: moose, tiger, mole for example. The animation wasn't bad and the dialogue wasn't too hokey (at least not for the target age group). All-in-all, the show was good, but had to compete with a lot of other shows out at that time. It's a shame it's not out on DVD.
  • OK so I was on here yesterday and out of nowere this popped in my head, no idea why.

    I probably haven't thought about this in 20 year or better, but it just popped in my head, so I put in my favorites so I would remember to check it out today. I now remember this cartoon, that is hilarious how somethings just pop in your head out of no were. I liked this cartoon, it was pretty entertaining. This kind of got lost with all the many great cartoons on the 1980's most of which are pop culture references anymore, or brought back and made into live action movies. I think this show kind of fell through the cracks. It's too bad because it was a good show, it really done well in 90's maybe. I think it was worth watching anyways and was definitely a classic with some of the other great 80's cartoons.
  • Get Along Gang - 80s Cartoon

    This cartoon was one to remember, I used to love the characters in the cartoon and the story lines were really good , even through there was only a few episodes they released load of good toys that me and my friends used to play with the haunted house, and the figures. Love this show would love them to show in on British TV again and not remake it in to something stupid like the turtles, if they were to do this I would love the same old animation and same opening credits.