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  • 1/1/06
    Ginji knocks out Masaki and then Masaki confesses that this whole plot has been a desperate strategy to save Makubex, whom the Brain Trust wanted to delete from existence. Ginji, Ban, and Masaki make it to the Archive in time to see Makubex do this deletion for himself.
  • Makubex decides to erase his own data rather than pit Masaki and Ginji against each other. Kagami brings Akabane over to Masaki's side by promising he'll be able to fight Ginji. Juubei and Toshiki go at it.
  • Makubex hacks a door into Ren's VR and everyone rushes to the wounded Ginji's side. Ginji half-heals himself by sucking in electricity. Elsewhere, Gen enlists Paul's help.
  • 1/1/06
    Akabane delivers his data to the Limitless Fortress, and Ban convinces Gen to finish the project Makubex started. All of the GB crowd who can still walk head for the Beltline, where the Archive is.
  • 1/1/06
    Teshimine, angry at Masaki for betraying Ginji, is defeated. Shido limps his way to Gen's in the confusion. Ban fights a newly-armed Fudou and kills him. Kaoru escapes Himiko.
  • Toshiki has brought Ren over to Masaki's side. She's using her computer skills to help them. The GB group meets up with Juubei and Emishi at Gen's and discover that Masaki is behind the whole plot.
  • Sakura turns up bearing a wound and a message: Makubex has been kidnapped. Ban, Ginji, Shido, Kazuki, and Himiko head into the Limitless Fortress once again to save them both.
  • The "Paul's past" episode. We discover that Paul used to be a negotiator and info man for a three-person team of thieves-for-hire. However, one of his group turned betrayer, and after that he retired from the thieving world. When his other partner comes back with new data on the whereabouts of the betrayer, Paul brings Ban and Ginji on a mission to recover what was stolen from him long ago.moreless
  • The "Hevn's past" episode. Apparently Hevn used to be working on a government science project with her lover. When the data from her old project is stolen, Hevn goes out on a solo recovery mission to complete what she believes was her lover's dying wish, to keep the data safe.
  • Ban, Ginji, and Natsumi visit Madoka and Shido at Madoka's vacation home in the mountains, and run into the monkeys from episode 26 again. It doesn't go any better this time.
  • Ginji falls off a building chasing a rice ball, and is hospitalized. Everyone comes to pay him a visit, and chaos ensues. Ban and Shido wage a recovery war.
  • On his way to a recital of Madoka's, Shido runs into an old enemy. Hevn is taken hostage. Luckily, the Get Backers have dirty minds that prompt them to stalk Shido and Hevn.
  • While Ginji and Ban are off to the beach for a job, an elderly lady comes into the honky tonk asking for help recovering the memento of a dead loved one. Natsumi is moved and takes on the job herself, recruiting Emishi to help her.
  • The Get Backers and Himiko are commissioned to get back a kidnapped child and transport it to its parents. However, Ban is uneasy about Himiko's involvement, since he doesn't think she'll keep her cool - after all, she was a kidnapped child, too.
  • Hevn commissions Ban and Ginji to recover the blood for a little girl's transfusion. She has the rare Bombay phenotype, so it's the only blood in the country that can be given to her, and it's been stolen. If it's not recovered soon, she'll die.
  • Ban and Ginji get assigned to recover a diamond, but it turns out the person they're supposed to get it back from is an old enemy of Ban's. They stage a public fight and "break up", and then Ban pretends to go over to the bad guys to fight against
  • Ban beats Akabane by tricking him with fake Ban's Clayman made for him. Both teams manage their recoveries, but on the way home their boat's gas tank springs a leak, and as they're throwing ballast overboard, Ginji gets carried away and also throws Venus and her arms overboard.
  • Shakuryuu and Hyouko fight Emishi and Shido. Ginji fights Miroku. Ban fights Akabane. The Miroku secret is revealed: Natsuhiko and Yukihiko share the same body.
  • 1/1/06
    Shide and Emishi rescue the half-dead Ban. Yukihiko convinces Hera and friends to let Ginji live so that they can use him as a hostage later. Hera's back story is revealed and we discover why she's taken the arms. Ginji promises to help Hera get back her happiness.
  • Ginji eludes Akabane and then wanders the ship in hopes that Ban is somehow still there. While doing this, he strikes up a friendship with Yukihiko Miroku. Emishi and Shido board the ship and get into a fight with several bodyguards.
  • Clayman returns and hires Ginji and Ban to recover the recently-discovered arms of the Venus de Milo. Meanwhile, Hevn has hired Shido and Emishi to do a recovery, and the two teams, assuming they are in competition, try to foil each other at every turn.
  • Yuuji, a man with amnesia, approaches Ginji and Ban and asks them to recover his lost memories. He was in a car accident with his girlfriend. She has been taking care of him ever since, but nothing she tells him about his past is ringing any bells. Ban figures out that the girlfriend's stories are all well-meaning fabrications, stories she told Yuuji so he'd feel good about himself.moreless
  • A businessman named Sasakida commissions the Get Backers to recover a briefcase that a pack of high school girls stole the night before. Riko, one of those girls, knows where it is but won't tell Ginji and Ban unless they buy her dinner and take her out all over Tokyo.
  • Hevn gets Ginji and Ban a job recovering a stolen ring at a hot springs. Hevn, Paul, and Natsumi come along for a vacation. In their investigation/girl-watching, the Get Backers come across Kazuki and Juubei.
  • The atom bomb is ready, but Ban uses his Jagan on Makubex before he can push the switch. The vision Makubex sees makes him realize that he doesn't want to destroy the L.M., nor does he want to turn back time.
  • The recovery team tries in vain to reason with Makubex. When that doesn't work, Ginji fights him in a virtual space of Makubex's own making, and more than holds his own.
  • Shido saves Ban from Fudou and tells him to go after Makubex. Meanwhile, Makubex has started up an intruder interception program which makes virtual armies go after Shido and the Akabane-Ginji team. Shido is assisted by the wounded Kazuki and Emishi.
  • Ginji is so far gone that Natsumi and Paul can see lightning hitting the Limitless Fortress from their caf? He's destroyed the fake Teshimine, and now injures Sakura, whom he suspects of being a fake also. Akabane intervenes; Makubex has "paid" him by allowing him to fight Ginji.
  • A virtual-reality Teshimine appears before Ginji and blames Ginji for the long-past deaths of his friends. Ginji's anger begins to turn him into the Lightning Emperor.
  • Akabane meets up with Makubex with the plutonium he has been hired to transport. However, since Akabane plans to steal IL once he has delivered the plutonium, Makubex convinces him to watch a fight between Himiko and Kagami before completing the delivery.
  • Kazuki and Juubei were childhood friends, and their fight is interspersed with flashbacks to their younger days. Both friends wound each other badly, and Kazuki asks why Juubei, who once lived to protect Kazuki, is now helping Makubex build a bomb.
  • Now that Shido is on the scene, the two-on-one attacks stop and Emishi fights Shido in a battlefield that suddenly looks like the Grand Canyon. Gen, who is watching via computer, reveals that he and a mysterious organization called the Brain Trust are responsible for the construction of the Limitless Fortress.moreless
  • Fudou is angry at Makubex and says he will only wait 20 minutes for Makubex to get all the recovery team in place before going out to kill Ban without orders. But Makubex does manage to get the whole recovery team gathered in one place. Ginji is overjoyed to see Ban and Kazuki alive and crushed when he realizes that he and Ban have to part again right away.moreless
  • Ginji is beginning to come unglued as Akabane starts to kill more people. Ginji's powers have begun to increase as he gets angrier. When Akabane and Ginji get too close to Makubex too soon, Juubei and Kagami go to fight them.
  • Fudou is extremely angry that Makubex sent Emishi in and forced him to postpone his fight with Ban. However, Makubex has another plan for Ban and Shido: Emishi will gain their confidence and then take them off guard. At this point Ban and Kazuki independently come to the realization that "IL" is really an "implosion lens": one of the ingredients of an atomic bomb that Makubex is building.moreless
  • Himiko and Hevn escape from captivity. Kazuki is found alive and treated by a pair of pharmacists. Elsewhere, an old rival of Ban's named Takuma Fudou attacks Ban and Shido, bent on vengeance. However, Haruki Emishi, an old member of VOLTS, shows up and Fudou withdraws, telling Ban he'll be back.moreless
  • An impostor who studied the same martial art as Kazuki impersonates him and then attacks Himiko. Luckily, the real Kazuki arrives and is able to defeat him. However, an old acquaintance of Kazuki's, Juubei Kakei, uses their distraction to attack as well. At the end of the episode, the building Kazuki has run into explodes and Juubei carries off an unconscious Himiko.moreless
  • The group has been split off into pairs after the incident with the poisoned smoke. Ban and Shido are attacked by a pair of assassins, while Ginji is terrified to discover that he's alone with Akabane.
  • Hevn calls in Ban, Ginji, Himiko, Kazuki, Shido, and Akabane to do a big job in the Limitless Fortress, recovering something called "IL" for a mysterious group of men.
  • Hachisu betrays the Get Backers and tries to destroy them, Clayman, and the painting. Ban and Ginji begin working for Clayman, and return all the stolen paintings to Hachisu in front of his insurance company, destroying his reputation forever.
  • The Get Backers are approached by an art appraiser and asked to retrieve a stolen painting-a newly-discovered Van Gogh. Deciding to take on the job despite its shady overtones (mainly so Ban can satisfy his curiosity about whether the painting is a fake), the duo head off to face Clayman, a mysterious art thief.moreless
  • Finally all of Akutsu's men have vanquished- except Shido, who seems disinclined to return to his old employer. However, the violin is missing. Shido has ordered Madoka's dog to bring it to him as an act of anger against Ban.
  • Ban and Shido fight it out, and we see Shido's animal transformations for the first time as he goes on to battle former co-worker Kurobe after Akutsu decides to change his plans and destroy the violin and Madoka both.
  • Young violinist Madoka Otowa's violin has been stolen, and she asks the Get Backers to help her get it back before her concert the next day. But as they sneak their way into the sinister Shunsuke Akutsu's estate to retrieve it, they discover he's hired several formidable people to keep them away from it.moreless
  • With the package in hand the Get Backers are expecting a big payoff, at least until they find themselves cornered by Himiko and Akabane. Ban and Ginji earn their pay in the fight and afterwards go about collecting on it.
  • Ginji and Ban are still trying to recover the box. But things go awry when Ginji is kidnapped by the enemy.
  • Ban and Ginji are on a new case recovering a box for a high-paying client, on the condition that their payment is 1/10th of the contents of that box. However, the job turns out to be more dangerous than anyone had anticipated when the transport service employed by the enemy turns out to be not only highly skilled but also personally complicated.moreless
  • Ban and Ginji are out on the streets trying to raise money to pay off their tab at the Honky Tonk when a sickly old homeless man takes pity on them and shares his food. It turns out that he has been forced to sell his daughter out to the yakuza.moreless
  • We meet our heros, Ginji and Ban, as they take on a new case: rescue a toy kitten from a crooked policeman! The client is Natsumi Mizuki, and the kitten is her last remaining scrap of her mother.