Get Christie Love

ABC (ended 1975)





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  • Trendsetting Icon - Teresa Graves

    Having watched every episode, this show set the world on it's ear. Without this show, there would be no Pepper Anderson, Cagney & Lacy or Thelma & Louise. How could you not be one with the very first Black female detective? In the "Blaxplotation Era" this show was amazing. Granted prejudices and preconceived notions of Black America on television still were there until "Get Christie Love" and this set into motion "Good Times" (though askew) nonetheless it brought to the forefront, a personal favorite, a strong female lead character who happened to be Black. Teresa Graves may not look back on this with the love and affection as I do, regardless of the content or the lack thereof this show was truly groundbreaking. Remember there was a "Honey West."
  • She's one bad mamma-jamma!

    Get Christie Love came along in the midst of the blaxploitation craze of the early 70s. Big Afros, platform shoes, and lots of kick-ass karate moves. Teresa Graves,a Laugh-In vet,played Christie Love,an undercover detective who broke all the rules and took crap from no one. The pilot for this show was an ABC Movie Of The Week. It premiered in September of 1974, but lasted only one season. Get Christie Love was referenced in the film Reservoir Dogs.