Get Ed

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Dissention in the ranks! When Loogie's eccentricity clashes with Burn's domineering personality, Loogie leaves Dojo to join Klown Kouriers! Could this be the end of our fantastic fivesome? A Dr. Pinch heavy episode full of pie fights and hurt feelings! Watch and be amazed!

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  • Loogie decides to join the klowns after a fight with burn. Dr. Pinch came back to Dojo and after a hard ordeal the dojo crew gets there crazy partner back.

    It was ok. I really didn\'t think that it was as good as it could have possibly been. Mabey if some thing else could have happened it would have been at least a 9. All in all i\'ll give it a 7. From the piont when Dr. Pintch comes back it is just a smoosh and a hurry to get the show over. I think that the fight at the beginning was week and the make up at the end was tuching but pushing borderine of sappy. I am a huge fan of Get Ed and can\'t spike its shows without saying something good. I really enjoyed the whole Loogie tricking the Dojo crew and knowing the delta patern.moreless
  • When Loogie and Burn have an argument, Loogie leaves the Dojo and joins the Klowns. Burn refuses to apologize, and Loogie seems happy with the Klowns. But is he? And how will the rest of the Dojo kids solve the problem?moreless

    I was VERY surprised by this episode. So far, I had dismissed Get Ed! as just another kid's show, especially with all the "hipness" in it. But this episode surprised me, from the revelation of how serious Loogie's mental problems are, to the very clever way that things were resolved.

    Although the episode never comes out and says it, it is obvious now that Loogie isn't just clowning around- he has an inability to deal directly with reality, as well as a more rational Split Personality that expresses itself with his hand puppet- it isn't just an annoying gimmick! I would never have expected something like that in a show aimed at kids- the writers here are very sly. And VERY good. The way Burn was finally able to overcome his own limitation and apologize to Loogie -by using the puppet- was one of the most clever, and touching, scenes I've ever seen in a non-Anime cartoon.

    In fact, now that I'm watching Get Ed! regularly, I see how much above-average the writing is. I'm definitely going to keep watching the series from now on.

    But I still think the Toaster-headed robot is stupid, though. :Pmoreless
  • Another Wacky Loogie episode

    Loogie joins the clowns when Burn yells at him and tells him to join the clowns. Burn can't take loogie's wackyness any longer. When Loogie leaves it breaks the team apart. Without loogie there is no one who really makes everyone laugh and burn and Deets yelling at each other. It is just really hecktic without loogie. One of the funny parts was when Fizz & Ed stood back and watched Burn and Deets fight.moreless

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