Get Ed

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Mar 24, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

While fighting Clowns, Clowns crash, and an invisible person steals their package. It causes mass mayhem around the town; it turns out to be Dirk Cheap. [Intro.] Dojo is upset because Dirk stole the food. Micro Citrus Orbs, which are Oranges, and they power up. Dirk knocks Ed off the road and he swings to safety with some major moves. They have problems with their company and is upset because Dirk scrubed them. Ed is upstet because he keeps blowing up expensive tec and he can't see Dirk.

Dirk takes one of Ed's EMP patches and hits Ed with it. Ed chases Dirk to the stadium; and the Dojo tries to find Ed. They can't find Ed, and think he's in danger. They find the two EMP patches that Ed missed at. Ed crashes while chasing Dirk. Ed free falls from the top riser of the stadium to the center stage and gets the package. Ed sets up a half pipe and goes crazy on his board. The go to the bad part of time. Deets tackles something…it's Dr. Pinch. Deets is on Dr. Pinch's list…shopping list. Ed and Dirk become the over team, and then they hand over the package and hand the ball over to the other team, and Dirk hands it to Ed. Ed makes a shot and Robots get the ball. Fizz finds a EMP this one has Ed's courier suit material jammed in it. Torch scolds Ed on his bad hoop ball job. Dirk using some belt and sees the belt. Ed touches it and it hatches onto him, it's one of his items. The game starts again and they get the package and hands it to Ed. Deets put Loogie in front of the door where the robots come in, and Dr. Pinch gets run over.

Ed feels bad for Dirk and gives Dirk the belt back to keep it safe, then Dirk steals the package again, and is happy. Ed is very happy about being nice to the opponent, and is mad. Recap by Madelyn.