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  • A Classic Disney Show!

    Geez, why can't Disney release more shows like this?

    In the futuristic city of Progress, courier teams compete to be the number one team. And a team called Dojo Deliveries - a group of couriers consisting of children - are quickly rising up the ranks. But one of the city's bureaucrats, Mr Bedlam, is aiming to take over the world.

    But Bedlam needs the help of the newest and youngest member on the Dojo team: Ed. But of course, since Bedlam is evil, Ed and his friends have to not only battle other courier teams who want the top spot in the delivery ranks, but also battle Bedlam along the way.

    Early episodes are light-hearted and fun, but as the show progresses the tone becomes more mature and the situations get darker.

    The characters are all excellently rounded and relatable.

    First we have the Teacher, Ol' Skool, who is laid-back and fond of snarking while also getting involved with the team from time to time and taking drastic measures if need be.

    Then there's Burn, the oldest of the kids, and therefore the leader. He is the most skilled, but is very prideful. And yet he has a warm, big-brotherly heart for his friends.

    Then there's Deets. And there is more to her than meets the eye. She may seem like a Girly Girl, but she's the best fighter and has high moral standards.

    Loogie is next. While he's a bit scatterbrained, he's just crazy-awesome! His puppet, Dr Pinch, has a mind of its own and helps to keep him in check - and provide some humour too.

    Then there's Fizz. She's a bright girl who's a wizard with machines, though she has doubts about herself, due to her short height. She, along with Deets, are like big sisters to Ed.

    And finally we have Ed, the newest and youngest member. While naive, he's creative and his heart is strong. He also has an AI called Torch, who's a co-pilot that comes with funny one-liners.

    So with awesome characters, strong story arcs, and a rocking soundtrack, Get Ed is one of those epic old Disney shows that remains a classic to this day!
  • It is about a courier who is human and alien tech. He and his pals make deliveries and fight to defeat Bedlam. With the help of items made especially for Ed,he,his pals and his mentor Old Skool try to save the city and stop Bedlam from his goal- to GET ED

    This was very well written. As one of my favorite shows, I used to watch get ed all the time and this really takes me back. I thought it was very good the way you quoted, because most people just write about the personality and you never really get an example. Although i don't really mind personally, I can only remember one recap where the person actually wrote what the characters said word for word as a script and it was very helpful. This is a very wonderful show, and i think that anyone who likes comedy would enjoy it.
  • I didn't waste any of my time watching this. Why?

    Because this is really awesome, seriously!

    I expected shows made in CGI to be the ultimate of all other shows. Well, Get Ed is one of the very few which got the target. After just watching the commercial, I fell in love with this. It actually took a whole 4 YEARS just for Disney Channel to put this in their schedule (not happy with that, since so much have changed after its premiere date).

    It looks interesting with the fact that in this show, there are even adventures to go for while delivering stuff. Intense animation, character designs, special effects, plot etc., they're really cool. I could watch the episodes over and over and not get tired of it.

    Kind of saddening that it has to end with just 26 episodes. Really sorry for what happened to Andy Knight, but in respect to that, this is truly amazing. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for action-packed CGI, I'm telling you.
  • another scifi show

    This is story about a boy who has visions and is partialy technology. He works as a courier with his friends burn loogie deets fizz loogies catfish handpuppet his mentor old skool and his onboard computer torch as dojo deliveries. He soon finds lightsabre like staff called the slammer. he has to protect deliviries from bedlam as well as pieces to a mysterious machine. In later episodes he finds artifacts like the optigogs which give him the ability to see many different ways the neodermis which is an armor that enhances strength and the phase belt which gives him the power of invisibility.
  • Fight the power!!!

    I loved this show. I loved it when it was on, I love it now that it's gone.
    The creators of Get Ed were one of the first to significantly fight the Disney Vending Machine. They didn't give in; they fought. And it wasn't like the " Look, a tax collector, shoot him!" fighting, it was like the "Look, a tax collector, we'll pay him, but we're gonna take out as many deductibles as possible." So, yeah, they let Disney take them down, but they fought back every step of the way, and I respect them for that.
  • Why hadn't I seen this before?

    Being a fan of "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go", I spend lots of internet time with my fellow Jetix enthusiests. After hearing about it from a few threads, I decided to check out "Get Ed" for myself.

    I am very impressed. The show has an interesting array of characters, the main villian actually has a brain (gasp!), and the plot stands out. The world has a realistic feel to it (if we lived in a futuristic society that it.) in general.

    The only reason I gave this show only an 8, is I can't really judge a show off of one episode. I pla to see more, and if the show keeps up the good story, this rating may change to a 9 or possibly even a 10 at some point.
  • Good animation and storyline makes this show worthy to watch.

    "Get Ed" is not only a good show to watch, but it's also amazing to look at, perhaps the finest yet on television.

    The story of the show takes place in a futuristic but fictional city called Progress City, where couriers battles each other to see who can deliver the goodies first. Probably well known of those couriers is Ed, the risk, air-headed but couragous kid of Dojo Delivery, where, along with his friends and mentor, he must defeat gluttonous bureacrat Bedlam and his robots from completely taking over Progress City, as well as the world.

    The animation is fluid-like yet realistic, the plot for the show is original and overall, the episodes keeps getting better and better.

    If you haven't see a show like "Get Ed", I suggest you give it a chance to watch.
  • I'll feel great. Ed is cool. I can like Ed and Bedlam. Ed and Bedlam were fighting. Ed do have his symbol. Do Bedlam have his symbol? Bedlam will get Ed. I watched "Get Ed" on TV. Ed is a part kid and part alien-tech. I do love Get Ed!

    I do feel great. I'm watching "Get Ed" on TV. Ed and Bedlam are fighting. I can like Ed and Bedlam. Ed do have his symbol. Do Bedlam have his symbol? Bedlam will get Ed. Ed is a part kid and part alien-tech. Ed is cool. I'll love Get Ed!
  • Interesting, really interesting..

    This show is really good... well, it has some bugs, fine, but if the writters improve a lil' bit, we gonna have a great show!

    The thing that make me watch the show was the fact that some characteres history were really interesting and misterious. I mean Ed is half kid, half robot!! That brings many, many questions! And Oll'Skool and Deets worked for Bendlman. That brings yeat more...

    Well, the only answer I can have now is to continue watching.. why not?
  • This show is awesome!If I could,I would watch it 24-7.

    This show is about a courier team named Dojo Deliver and it's couriers.The most intesting charater [in my opinion]is the courier named Ed.He has visions,cool abilites,and a strange past.The rest of the team is Burn,Deets,Fizz,Lugy,Dr. Pinch, and Ol'school.Their number one enemy is Bedlam.Bedlem conseltly is sending robots and clones to catch Ed,get packages from courier teams,or who knows what else.Bedlam never does any of that kind of stuff but for [that I know of is]two times to catch Ed.There are weird items such as the Slammer or the Link that are extremely strong that only Ed can use.Bedlam has been going nuts trying to find them so he can try to use them[which he has tried and failed many times].
  • Another one of my can't miss it shows

    just like I judge people first time I see them and then become friends later on. This show is like that. Actually a lot of shows are like that. THis show has action speed and a little romance. can't forget its funny also. Ed is a genetical engined teen-AKA the chosen super poered type one. Loogie-the goofy, comedy idiot. Burn-the leader making sure every thing goes to plan person. Fizz-like always she is the smart one creating all the gadgets. And Deets-the The girly girl but still don't mess withme type or as i lkie to call itthe maincharacter girl.
  • Ed, Deets, Burn, Fizz, and Loogie deliver packages, and keep them far away from Bedlam as possible!

    I thought this show was going to be stupid when I saw the commercials. But, I decided to check out, and it was actually good. Now, I didn\'t see the first, I think, 3 episodes, but I still understand what\'s going on. I thought some of the characters were a little sterotyped, but the show can be funny at times. The thing that bugs me about it though, is how everything happens waaaaaaaay too fast. One second Ed will be standing there, then randomly a robot will fall and be like. . . dead. So that bugged me. Other wise, I watch this show when I can :], since this is one of my favorites now.
  • I didn't think this show would be so good but like many shows, it took me by surprise and I love it, a favorite in Speed Action.

    I saw commercials for this on Toon Disney and it looked interesting then as I saw more, I was wondering how a delivery service would be so important. When I saw the premire on Toon Disney's Jetix it was more then I thought it would be. So far a lot of the packages the crew delivers and picks up turn out to have some important or powerful items that definetly are a big deal, some cause a lot of trouble, and some can help Bedlem with his evil goals. Comparing this action show from Disney/Jetix with the "so called Action show" from Disney that I hate Teamo Supremo, I can definetly say that this series is beyond the crap Teamo Supremo gives, though it also has it's odd villains such as clowns and the DNA Delivery service but like some things, they are just odd underlings in Bedlam's group so they are not as important. The more important villains are much cooler and really pose a threat, most of them are robots but they still kick butt.

    One thing I love about this series is a lot of the mystery behind a lot of the members of the Dojo Delivery Crew, like I saw with Deets in the episode "Bio Trap" and there is also a lot of mystery to Ed as well and it adds a lot of greatness to the series. Another thing I love is the speed action, it's great and done very well, I also love the humor in it as well with comedic characters like Loogie and his friend Dr. Pinch (His Hand Puppet who seem to be his smart side) and even Ed himself. This show also has a bit of nice battle action too mixed with the speed action, but one thing I really like that adds to the show is drama to which us usually involved with the mystery stuff but to me it's done well, again I will say with Deets again when her past was revealed.

    All and all this is a great addition to the Disney/Jetix action world and I would recommed this to anyone who loves speed and humor and a few other things.
  • Okay, so I didn't hold off on the review . . . there is some very pretty CGI here, and fun characters, though some things do need worked on. Still, there's tons of potential here . . .

    One thing this show seems to revel in is all the pretty stuff it can throw at you. Slightly cel-shaded characters, flame effects, sparkly particle effects, and even some state of the art liquid effects for good measure. Sci-fi shows can't seem to do without the flashy stuff, and this one delivers in spades.

    The characters may seems a little stereotypical, but they all have their own little unique quirks to make them stand out a little more. This is also really early in the show, so they should have more opportunities to develop as it goes on.

    One thing about Ed, though: he was created, not born, and that sort of explains how naive he is. Quite possibly he didn't even get to be a little kid and was grown up to teenager level before Ol' Skool thought he was "done". That would explain why he gets confused about things that the other kids take for granted. Knowing this, I think it's an interesting touch. People who aren't familiar with scifi aren't going to get this, though.

    The writing, well, that needs a little work. Sure, all the one liners and such are cool and all, but the interaction between characters is lacking something. Also, the pacing needs work. Things happen a little too fast at the moment, we need more downtime at the Dojo or Bedlam's place inbetween all the racing around the city.

    So, all in all, its a slightly flawed yet interesting show, that I can't wait to see the rest of.
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