Get Ed

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Feb 19, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

It starts out with Ed on the escape with the others from DNA. They are all covered in trash. Down in the sewers Fizz is here, Spiker stays in the sewer to try to take the package from her, he throws her in the sewer and takes the package. They all celebrate the delivery of the package and Ed makes comments about how you'd have to be really small to fit and Fizz is upset because of her size. They all sympathize with her because she was all by herself and then she goes on about the mean comments about her size Spiker made. Ed says she's smart and small, and she can fit into all the amazing places that they can't and it upsets her. Dr. Pinch says to Ed, "Sometimes you make Loogie look smart."

On a package, Ed has an idea what to do. He breaks the highway and all the robots crash into bug spray but they were just normal trash bots. The dojo leaves and fihts off all the robots. Fizz's ride get stuck in the ceiling and the others fight off the system. Bedlam throws Fizz across the room, and the others save her. An explosion happens, they all are gone.

Ed comes to the dojo and sees a strip of paper it says, do your own dishes. Ol'skool and Ed both don't know where the others are. They are stuck in some TV somewhere. Couriers have gone Wi-Fi and they are looking for them. At the dojo they turn the people into TV. Burn crashes into TV. Ed runs off to make a delivery, the robots have a situation to settle with Ed. They can go into any wireless object. The robots get blown up, they are even better than before. They all disappear, Ed hands over the drop to the robots. Now they are trapped on close circuit TV, it's ancient.

The others are threatened to be traded in exchange for Ed. Ed is freaked out by Loogie cheering on the robots. They turn on the music and disco and start bashing robots. Ed is sent into the TV. He is brought into the TV. He blows up everything and everyone's released. They catch Ed and return home. Bedlam wants to know why can't Ed's DNA be captured. Recap by Madelyn.