Get Ed

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2006 on Toon Disney

Episode Recap

Everyone is on a delivery and Ed is upset with Klowns, and Twilighters come out of the sewers. Ed sees ZG, or Zero Gravity Ball. They call Ed hot shot again. Burn hates ZG. [intro.] Ol'skool is doing karate and meditating. Ol'skool asks everyone if they are going to play. Ol'skools says that Ed doesn't know how to play. Deets says that she is going to teach him. Ol'skool tells them to power up. They come up on the field and goes in and swim around. Deets, Ed, Loogie and Fizz finish of the run.

During the match they play but they win, and they are happily playing. Deets finishes off the rules with telling Ed that if he holds the ball to long it burns your hand. "why didn't you tell me." Ed asks. Deets get close to his face and says "Well I'm telling you now." They play and keep going, and Dojo wins. Burn argues with a person on Bedlam's team and refuses to play. Dojo wins again.

Ed would love Burn to play with their team. The other couriers watch a ZG game. They play, and Burn is the winning the match. Burn is the ZG master. Bedlam team 'Twilighters' takes on winner of Robots vs. Dojo. Ed sees Fizz is upset because she didn't get the ball. Dojo's team is going far even without teamwork. Burn is all A game, don't care if we have fun, and that's what they don't want. Everyone is mad at Burn because he is dissing the team. Bedlam sits next to Ol'skool; and tries to enjoy the game with the winners. Everyone is stealing the ball from Dojo. Ed can't breath because he got the air knocked out of him. Burn passes it to Fizz who makes the winning goal. Last time Bedlam lost because he didn't pass and this time one because he did. Recap by Madelyn.