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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • This television series was one of the most underappreciated ones ever. It goes through the feelings of being an outcast, standing up for yourself, falling in love for the first time while having your world come crashing down on you.

    Every actor and actress on this television show played his or her part perfectly. It had everything you needed in a TV series, from the drama created between Eric Christian Olsen and Anne Hathaway to the purely amazing comic relief that Jesse Eisenberg provides.

    This TV series unlike every other one where the family would go through the uncommon things but this one seems to show what life in a middle class family is like. You have the older brother who protects his younger sister from snarly and crude boyfriends. The young brother who just wants to survive every day through school and doesn't really want to remember that he's the outcast. The sister who has the constant relationship problems, and finds herself in one sticky relationship after the other. The parents work hard at their jobs but try their hardest to make sure their kids are the best they can be.

    The way this TV series was timed out was fantastic because writer and producer Clyde Phillips and the other writers of the series timed out each characters' episodes. They would go from one character to the other right about the time you were tired of knowing about the character. For example they would deal with Jesse Eisenberg's problems at school for a couple episodes and then at the time you wanted to see more Eric Christian Olsen they made it the episode or the next one go to his character.

    If you liked any kind of family show where it deals with the family and what they go through i.e. Boy Meets World then I recommend do not miss this television series because if you do you will miss out on one fantastic show. The only downfall as of 2005 is that this show is not out on DVD, nor is it on TV and unfortunately it’s really a hard show to find. But if you happen to come across it pick it up because you will definitely not regret it.
  • I Miss This Show!!!!!

    I really miss this show. Anyone have any ideas on when, or if it will be coming out on DVD? I really loved this show and really miss it. A lot of really good shows from 2000 and before have yet to appear on DVD. I finally got a hold of a season of another good show, Picket Fences. Like I said, good shows are really hard to find on DVD. I checked amazon & ebay for it, nothing. I even did a search on wikipedia via actors/actresses and also via show name, nothing. Let me know if someone knows how to get this show!