Get Smart (1995)

FOX (ended 1995)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Liver Let Die
      Episode 7
      Zach and Agent 66 go undercover as doctors to investigate a Kaos-funded hospital. Meanwhile, Max almost forgets his anniversary.
    • Wurst Enemies
      Episode 6
      Zach has recently begun dating Jessica and things seem pretty good between them. However, a rendezvous at a lighthouse suddenly turns sour when she imprisons him. She has done this on the order of her father – Siegfried. He is just as evil as ever and has big plans, including settling the score with his arch-foe, Max. Blackmailed with his son's life, Max must confront Siegfried again and alone. As it happens, Max must not only save Zach, but also America's most brilliant minds from a missile.moreless
    • Passenger 99
      Episode 5
      Someone tries to hijack a plane with the Smart family onboard.
    • 1/29/95
      Zach and 66 try to stop a Kaos plot to brainwash teenyboppers with a hypnotic pop single.
    • Goodbye Ms. Chip
      Episode 3
      African President Mazabuka is due to arrive in America for a diplomatic occasion involving Congresswoman 99. Meanwhile, CONTROL is on the trail of The Brain, a KAOS agent and a master of mind control. He proves his capabilities by getting the drop on 66 and installing one of his brain implants in her. Now, KAOS has the assassin for their plot against Mazabuka. If Zach and others fail to notice 66's increasingly odd behavior, she will succeed.moreless
    • Casino Evil
      Episode 2
      Under the supervision of a Mr. Monte, a new and popular casino is in business. Problem is, the whole thing is a KAOS front. While many people chalk up their big losses to bad luck, they have actually been secretly cheated. Taking this operation down falls to the undercover Zach and Agent 66. However, can they win when the house is always poised to do so?moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Things have certainly changed around CONTROL over the years. Maxwell Smart has become the Chief; 99 has become a Congresswoman; and their son, Zach, has become an agent very much like Max – intellectually lacking, yet always successful. Now, Zach is assigned a new partner in Agent 66 and a new mission. The Du-Traculon fabric is targeted for theft by the still operational KAOS. With a fashion show as the backdrop, some undercover work gives Zach and 66 their only chance to stop agent Larz.moreless