Get Smart

Season 5 Episode 21

And Only Two Ninety-Nine

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 20, 1970 on NBC



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    • Melnick: When will the first symptoms of the poison start to show?
      Imposter 99: It should start shortly after lunch. He'll begin to get very sleepy. And then he'll lose his equilibrium and fall down a lot.
      Melnick: Won't that attract suspiscion?
      imposter 99: Not with Maxwell Smart.

    • Max: Chief, if I have to spend a week with this woman to help CONTROL solve this cae, I'm willing to do it.
      Chief: I'm proud of you, Max.
      Max: And if I have to spend two weeks with this woman, I'm willing to do that too.
      Chief: Remember you're a married man.
      Max: You're telling me? I've got two wives.

    • Chief: I'm going telephone Max and tell him to wake that woman and kiss her.
      Chief: 99, no two women kiss alike. The second Max kisses her, he'll know it's not you.
      99: Chief, that's a terrible idea.
      Chief: Why?
      99: (worried) What if she's better?

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