Get Smart

Season 1 Episode 2

Diplomat's Daughter

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 1965 on NBC



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    • Max: Alright, gentlemen, stand back! How big is this room?
      The Claw: About ten by fifteen...
      Max: Perfect! Don't move or I'll blow you all to kingdom come!! Bobo, drop that gun!
      The Claw: He's bluffing! Bobo, get him!
      (Max tosses the pill, but nothing happens)
      Max: Wrong pill. I think I've just poisoned the room!

    • The Claw: I suppose you can guess what they call me...(he shows his left arm, which ends with a metal horseshoe)
      Max: Lefty?
      The Claw: No, Mr Smart! I am employed by KAOS, the international organization of evil. My name is the Craw!
      Max: The...Craw?!?
      The Claw: No! Not the Craw! Craw!!
      Max: Oh, yes, the Craw...

    • Chief: If you are captured and it looks really tough, this may be your one ace in the hole. This pill, when swallowed, will bring painless death in about twenty seconds. Are there any questions?
      Max: How do I get them to take it?

    • Chief: Now, I've written the location of your contacts on this piece of paper. Be sure to destroy it.
      (Max lights the paper on fire without reading it)
      Chief: No, no, no, Max! First memorize it, THEN destroy it!!

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