Get Smart

NBC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Get Smart, Again!
      Get Smart, Again!
      Episode 28
      When famed scientist Dr. Hotentot, who has developed a machine that can change the world's weather, is abducted by KAOS, CONTROL and Agent 86 - Maxwell Smart - are reactivated. Max has to adjust to having been out of the spy game for a while, while 99 prepares to publish her memoirs about her life as a spy.moreless
    • Smartucus
      Episode 27
    • The Nude Bomb
      The Nude Bomb
      Episode 27
    • 5/15/70
      A villain known as the Whip uses a special gong to hypnotize Max. When he is under the Whip's control, Max steals the NARCO 5-12. Later, with the help of Chief and Larabee, Max is cured and captures the Whip.
    • 5/8/70
      The Chief meets Smart at a public library to recover a book containing names and addresses of CONTROL agents. Max and Larrabee transport the book in an armored car to a bank vault, but Max accidentally locks the vault door on both the Chief and Larrabee.
    • CONTROL must persuade a decendent of Columbus not to sell America to KAOS.
    • 4/24/70
      Max poses as a gardener to infiltrate a nursery that is producing plants that are being used to spy on important people in Washington.
    • Smartacus
      Episode 22
      Max and the Chief investigate a series of security leaks that seem to be connected to a chain of spas.
    • 2/20/70
      Max comes home from work one evening to find 99 in bed,with a back eye.99 explains it away as nothing.When he inquires about 99's visit to her Mother,99 says that she did'nt feel much like visiting her.This makes Max suspicious,and before he inquires about anything else,the telephone rings.It is the Chief who informs Max that the woman in his Apartment is not 99.This is true since the real 99 is in the Chiefs Office.The Chief lets 99 talk to Max on the telephone,and this confirms to Max that it is the real 99.The Chief will explain everything to Max in the Morning,but that Max should at the present time should pretend that the woman imposter is 99.99 herself explains to the Chief what had happened that morning.While some furnisher men were moving furniture into her,and Max's apartment,the imposter 99 pulls a gun on her.She then instructed 99 to accompany the moving men(who are Kaos agents)back to their secret place.In response 99 punched the imposter,thus giving her the black eye.She was takened anyway.She managed to escape,and went straight to the Chief's Office.The Chief wants 99 to return to the secret place where Kaos had imprisoned her'So that they can learn what Kaos is planning,99 agrees.moreless
    • 2/13/70
      Max and 99 pose as valet and maid at the Bulmanian Embassy in order to recover a stolen sample of rocket fuel. Meanwhile, Larabee and the Chief have to babysit the twins... with hilarious results.
    • 2/6/70
      Max is assigned to protect Kaos Agent Dietrich.Dietrich has turned informant,and will give testamony on the inner workings of Kaos that would put an end to Kaos.The only obstacle however is a man name Kibbee,a ruthless Kaos assassin who has never failed an assignment.Will Max be able to protect Dietrich,and himself from Kibbee also known as the Exterminator?moreless
    • 1/30/70
      While attending the funeral of the latest Control Agent who was mysteriously killed,Max,99,and The Chief are shocked to find a carved Headstone with Max's name on it.
    • 1/23/70
      Max drops a courier package from a plane and it lands on the roof of a mansion. In an effort to retrieve the package, Max and 99 have to infiltrate the house and deal with the kooky inhabitants.
    • House of Max (2)
      House of Max (2)
      Episode 16
      Max poses as a wax sculpture of Hitler to spy on a KAOS scientist who brings waxworks to life.
    • House of Max (1)
      House of Max (1)
      Episode 15
      Max and 99 go to London to investigate a modern-day Jack the Ripper.
    • 1/2/70
      99 moonlights as the secretary of a radio personality to discover a secret KAOS code.
    • 12/19/69
      99 and CIA agent Quigley run into Siegfried and Starker while on a case in Canada. Meanwhile, Max and the Chief are snowed in at Miami, thanks to a KAOS plot.
    • 12/12/69
      A mad scientist threatens to poison the Washington water supply with a hallucinogenic drug which causes people to suffer bad dreams.
    • Age Before Duty
      Episode 11
      Max is bewildered when his young contact dies of old age.
    • The Apes of Rath
      Episode 10
      Several agents have been murdered by someone with incredible strength. The only clue is an empty banana peel. It is soon deduced that the killer is an ape. However, what the CONTROL staff doesn't realize is that the killer is no ordinary ape, but an ape who has been surgically altered by Dr. Rath to look and act like a man until he hears a bell which causes him to revert to his apelike state. Not only that, but the ape who goes by the name Chuck Armstrong is Control's newest agent. After another agent is murdered, Armstrong is then assigned to protect Max.moreless
    • 11/21/69
      Mistaken for a doctor and his nurse, Max and 99 are kidnapped and forced to operate on a wounded gangster.
    • And Baby Makes Four (2)
      CONTROL must defeat Simon the Likable while 99 delivers twins.
    • And Baby Makes Four (1)
      Max and 99 follow the wrong map and end up at KAOS's new HQ instead of the maternity ward.
    • 10/31/69
      Because he fail retrieve a little red book from a Kaos carrier,Max has to train,and recruit three convicts to break into a highly fortified Mansion where the Red Code Book is.
    • 10/24/69
      When KAOS heists CONTROL's payrolls, putting it into severe financial straits, The Chief sends Max, disguised as prospector Frogsie Debbs, to Mira Lodo, Mexico, to find Debbs' old partner C. Errol Madre, who posesses the second half of a map that leads to a gold mind that could restore CONTROL's operations.moreless
    • 10/17/69
      When The Chief orders Max to romance and betroth Ann Cameron, a beautiful widow suspected of murdering her 12 husbands for the insurance money, which she donates to KAOS. Unfortunately, the wedding coincides with The Smarts' first wedding anniversary, much to 99's dismay.
    • 10/10/69
      When KAOS plans to destroy California by smuggling into the country dolls secretly containing the ingredients for the most powerful explosive known to man, Max and The Chief enroll in Miss Valerie's School For Expectant Fathers, convinced that it is a KAOS front.
    • Ironhand
      Episode 2
      When IH Industries acquires KAOS, Max and 99 attempt Operation Baby Buggy Switch to stop the new head of KAOS, Ironhand, a man with an iron fist, from obtaining The Anti-Anti-Anti-Missile-Missile plans.
    • 9/26/69
      On a mission for CONTROL to rescue Professor Milo Pheasant, Smart and 99 learn that he is imprisoned within an impregnable glass dome.
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