Get Smart

Season 2 Episode 11

Island of the Darned

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 1966 on NBC

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  • The Hunt for Smart and 99

    Theres not really a lot I can really say about this one, this one is another take on "The Most Dangerious Game" but it's got two of the best players from the game. What I like about this episode is there is a real sense of suspense and danger, it is probably from the cinematography of seeing both 99 and Max run a lot, hearing those blood hounds bark a lot and the slight nerviousness in both their faces, your really hoping both can not just outrun but outwit their opponent. Thankfully both hae enough skill, experience, and wit both most of all have each other to do just that. Though my only problem with the episode was I didn't feel the hunt was long enough but oh well.

    But this episode had a lot of suspenseful even cleverly funny moments. Like for example the usual unsturdy rope bridge, there is almost a two way susupense with that one from either falling down if they take one bad step or even not making it to point B on time. And there was of course the Cigerete Grenates (one of my favorate gagets)where one set of them are explosive and another just regular cigeretes, why the heck they couldn't just all be explosives or even both having different colored marks to indicate which is which beats me, but trust me these two reason are a plot device. And in the end it had one of the best and funnest quotes from the show I've ever heard.
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