Get Smart

Season 1 Episode 17

Kisses for KAOS

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 1966 on NBC

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  • The Color of Death

    This is another one of the episodes I really like because it has some really fine moments. For one thing 99 has a little more of an active role, which of course she has more of as the series progresses.

    As usual the sceme that KAOS utilizes is daft and ridiculous in fact scientifically illogical, how the heck paint can be made into an explosive is anyone's guess but oh well go with it and it's really not that important.

    The scemes to get the KAOS agent's ID are funny because as we see at least by the first round their efforts fail miserably. 99 tries to get his fingerprints on the special pencil but unfortunately he wears gloves all the time. Max of course tries to get a photo of the guy with a hat camera but he can't get him in the right possition and the camera unfortunately gets busted in the end. And of course in the dinner scene they use those clever but daft gadgets to get the KAOS agents id, how they were utilzed was what made them truely funny.

    But what really made this show funny was just seeing how Max's jellousy this I thought also showed a bit of a humanity in him, I can't really blame the guy a lot of us suffer that common insecurity. He is still doing his job but you can see from certain actions and some of the tone of his voice jeolsey rears it's ugly head.

    My favorate scene would have to be the dinner scene where Max acts as 99's butler and 99 of course is having dinner with the KAO's agent. It just cracked me up everytime it seemed as though both 99 and the KAOS agent were getting close to a kiss, Max would come out with that gong and ring it then yell out dinner's ready. Comic gold.
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