Get Smart

Season 3 Episode 7

One of Our Olives is Missing

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 1967 on NBC

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  • Maxwell Smart meets Carol Burnett

    This is my favorate episode of the entire show. I don't really have a lot to say about the episode it's one of those ones you have to see to believe but trust me it's pritty damn funny because in this one two comic legends team up together. Usual a team up is always a hit or miss affair it usually depends on what content the talents have to work with, the content in this episode hits all the right notes.

    It's true that 99 and The Chief are both not in the episode that long, but I really can't think of much reason for their precence in the episode except for 99 in the last minutes. But there was no need since both Don Adam's and Carol Burnett drove the episode. The interplay between them is fun and funny both have good chemestry. Most of all Carol Brunett whom is a real show stealer, what I like is her character isn't the usual exagerated skit character she would play on her show (ok just a little) but she sort of plays herself she really keeps it straght, she reacts like any other person would react if he or she were ever thrust into Max's spy world.

    Three of my favorate moments were when Carol's character offs the KAOS agents by sheer luck, it's a good thing Max had her around his apartment otherwise he'd be dead by now. Another was when she was captured by KAOS and then had the hickups which drove Sigfried crazy. However out of all the moments the final one is the very best beause it's a huge payoff, when both Max and Carol go into the gas rooms that have gas only working for females for now, where one gas is fear and another is probably the daftest and one I wish was invented romance gas. What the significant use of that gas is is anyones guess. But it was just hillarous seeing Carol utilzes those two emotions where we see her react with fear then when they go into the romance gas room she has the uncontrolable attraction toward Max and we see in brief instances Max acts nervious toward her advances. Though the best part of that is seeing 99 come in and then suddenly gets affected and makes advances toward Max. Comic Gold.
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