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  • Maxwell Smart-- better known as Agent 86 to fellow CONTROL agents--fights crime in this 1960s 'cold war comedy.'

    Although they don't show it too often nowadays, and although it's underrated in my opinion, "Get Smart" is one of the most brilliant TV cold war spoofs. It is absolutely hilarious, and the one liners--said perfectly by Don Adams--are extremely clever. His relationship with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) was always amusing. In my opinion, this show is extremely underrated and should be shown more often in syndication.
  • A Man Called Smart...

    Imagine a person who's part James Bond & part Jacques Clouseau & you have Agent 86, Maxwell Smart.

    Get Smart was not just another johnny-come-lately spy show back in the mid 60's when spy stuff was all the rage, this was a classic comedy spoof of the genre. Don Adams is hilarious as CONTROL Agent 86, yet he manages to foil the plans of KAOS every time, even if he doesn't realize it. Along with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) & Chief (Edward Platt), as well as KAOS archnemesis Siegfried (Bernie Kopell), they make the most memorable characters ever in this classic show that i have been watching since i first saw the show back in the late 1970's.

    And the most fun part of the show were its catch phrases like: "Would You Believe?", "Missed It By THAT Much" & the funniest one, "Sorry About That, Chief.".

    It's no secret that Get Smart is still 1 of my favorite shows.
  • Control of Kaos

    Put Mel Brooks and Buck Henry in the same room, and won’t get Shakespeare, but you will get something better, and that is Get Smart. This show so great due to the creative plots and crazy sidebar gags. No matter how many times you see this show, it’s still funny. It's obvious that the actors and crew thoroughly enjoyed coming to work in the morning. The enthusiasm shows through in all of the episodes. Don Adams played Maxwell Smart, Secret Agent 86 for Control. He is an inept spy who always manages to foil the plans of the dastardly rival organization KAOS. Barbara Feldon played Agent 99 and the Late Edward Platt played the Chief. There also was a great ensemble cast of spies and villains. Larry Storch as the Groovy Guru, Bernie Kopell as Siegfried of Kaos, and Victor French as Agent 44.
  • Lets us use the cone of silence! BESY 60s SOW EVER! ANTI-SPY GENER OF ALL TIMES and THE BEST COMEDIES OF ITS TIME

    I have always been a fan of Get Smart not only because it was a parody of the secret agent genre of film and television series, but because it was a perfect time capsule for the era of the 1960's. Just check out the episodes featuring characters such as The Groovy Guru or Jarvis "The Mad Pharmacist" Pym. The sixties were a wild era and no show captured that spirit as much as this film.

    Also, let's not forget the ensemble cast that displayed such a great chemistry with each other. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt, Dick Gautier, King Moody, Robert Karvelas and, of course, Bernie Kopell all made this show a great viewing experience.
  • Comic geniuses Buck Henry and Mel Brooks created what is possibly the perfect spy spoof.

    Comic geniuses Buck Henry and Mel Brooks created what is possibly the perfect spy spoof. From the series of doors in the opening to the Cone of Silence (what?) to the shoe phone, this send up of the Cold War pits CONTROL against KAOS in a classic good (CONTROL) vs evil (KAOS) battle with a deliciously twisted sense of humor. Don Adams is the stalwart (if not very bright) Maxwell Smart partnered with femme fatale Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon). Despite its age, this show will make you laugh.
  • This was a great show. I never saw it when it was on but have watched it many times on reruns. It is so funny and I love the main character.

    This was a great show. I never saw it when it was on but have watched it many times on reruns. It is so funny and I love the main character.

    This is the best classic show ever. The opening sequence is the best of any show ever on television. I wish it was on TV more these days for me to watch. Watch it on TV Land, it is really worth it.
  • Best opening sequence ever! It's been decades since I've seen an episode, and the opening sticks with me.

    It was a campy show, but the opening sequence defines it as a classic in my mind. It was great comic relief next to shows like Mission: Impossible that played it straight.

    Of course, all these spy shows--as with classic James Bond--ultimately depended on a cold war world. I can't imagine how this would work today.
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