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  • The greatest show ever!!! Would you want this organization to protect the world's security. I don't know, but at least they'll make you laugh trying.

    This would have to be my all-time favourite show. I don't know whether it's Max bumbling around, Chief's show of annoyance or Larabee out-dumbing Max at times, But this is a show where I laugh loud, and often. I may have seen every episode numerous times, but I still laugh at the same lines over and over. This has to be one of the wittiest shows on television.

    It centers around a spy called Maxwell Smart, who works for the secret organization of CONTROL (which everyone knows about)because they represent "niceness". Max means well, but he is a klutz, and does not always live up to his name. Assisting Max on his cases is Agent 99, a female spy, who ever-patiently helps Max to crack the case. Not so patient, however is the Chief of CONTROL, who gives Max his orders, and who well-meaning Max unintentionally gives grief to (such the reason for Chief's baldness).

    Also appearing are Hymie, a CONTROL android who takes everything Max says literally, Larabee, the even-dimmer than Max, assistant to the Chief, and Siegfried, an agent for KAOS, the evil organisation who battles Control at every turn. Even they however produce laughs, as Starker (Siegfried's assistant) makes noises, and Siegfried reminds him " We don't (copies noise) at KAOS. You can tell too, that even though Max and Siegfried are sworn enemies, they have a certain respect, especially since Siegfried is as bumbling as Smart at times.

    Even though it was filmed during Cold War time, where everybody was suspicious, this show has transcended time, and is still funny today. Thank You Mel Brooks and Buck Henry (for producing the funniest show on TV ever), and rest in piece Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) (1923-2005). You provided us a character I could laugh at, and with, for many years to come.