Get Smart

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • Get Smart was a true hit series for its time

    Long before we had "Airplane" or "The Naked Gun," we had "Get Smart." The role of idiot savant Agent 86 Maxwell Smart almost could have gone to Johnny Carson or any one of a thousand other actors of the time, but Don Adams made it his own by creating many of the world's most recognized catch phrases. It's hard to figure out how one man can be the best American secret agent in the world when he'll ask for the annoying cone of silence one minute, then save the day the next. He is either a brillant idiot or a lucky nut. What saves him the most and constantly stands by him is alluringly mysterious and captivating Agent 99 Susan Hilton (according to series creator Buck Henry) played by the talented Barbera Feldon. Edward Platt was their harried and frustrated Chief Harold Clark. Supported by a fine cast of character actors including Bernie Kopell, King Moody, Dick Gautier, David Ketcham and Robert Karvelas, this incredible series spawned two movies and several accomodations for series creators Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. May their stars never fade.