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  • Would you believe it was funnier than a barrel of monkeys?

    And, loving it!

    From the openning credits, where he had to pass through a series of doors to reach a telephone booth, where he would dial a number, and be dropped to CONTROL headquarters, through the various misadventures he would have to go through, to the end credits, where he would return through the doors, and get his nose slammed by the one door that wouldn't close, there were chuckles aplenty in this Mel Brooks and Buck Henry inspired comedy!

    As a youngster, I was able to appreciate the silliness of the bumbling secret agent who somehow managed to save the day during the Cold War era with his strange, 007-like, gadgets! As an adult, I could appreciate the social and political satire that was interwoven with the comedy.

    No other comedy spy-spoof has come even close to touching the mark made by "Get Smart"! That includes shows like "The Man from UNCLE", "I Spy", "Sledgehammer", etc. (the first two were, arguably, more aimed toward the dramatic, but they purposely added comedy to reach a broader audience). Even the subsequent movie ("The Nude Bomb"), and aborted re-birth of the series in 1989, paled in comparison! There's nothing like a classic to raise the bar so high, that it can't be reached even by itself! Sorry about that, Chief!
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