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  • James Bond meets Inspector Clouseau in one of the funniest comedies of all time. Would you believe it? The funniest of all time!

    Being far too young to have caught "Get Smart" in its original run (born in 1984), my exposure to it came from Nick at Nite reruns. I was hooked on the adventures of Agents 86 and 99 as they fought KAOS, and enormously entertained by the slapstick comedy. Revisiting the series now that I'm older, I still dig the slapstick, but appreciate even more the subtle satire and the almost vaudeville-style wordplay and banter from Don Adams as Maxwell Smart.

    All of the spy conventions get sent up gloriously on "Get Smart," as well as pecularities of the workplace. Max is ready to risk it all for his country, provided there's overtime and hazard pay, of course. Throw in other allusions and spoofs of other movies and TV shows, and "Get Smart" is simultaneously a product of its time and something that holds up very well today. I know that sounds weird, but by taking shots at archetypes from TV and film and avoiding more direct cultural references from the period, it remains timeless while other shows from its era are more dated.

    You can see the legacy of "Get Smart" all around today - certainly one of the finest spoofs of all time, it's even getting the big screen treatment. While the movie may not live up to the heights of the series, hopefully it will generate more interest in this classic show.
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