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  • We are safe only because the intrepid agents of CONTROL are constantly endeavoring to thwart the powers of evil, namely the sinister organization known as KAOS!

    As a child I watched the episodes as they originally aired, growing to appreciate them more and more with each year. It was one of my first "favorite shows" going back to just before I began going to school. Here are a few personal musings:

    1. Edward Platt was a great straight-man, his Chief was a work of art. I felt secure knowing he had things under control.

    2. As a kid I wondered if Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon) ever hung out with Emma Peel (Dianna Rigg). I knew there was a difference between the two ladies because sometimes my Dad would declare "This show isn't for you tonight" (yeah, Miss Emma and Co.)

    3. I was totally certain Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) could beat up John Steed (The Avengers' Patrick Mcnee). 4. The Cone of Silence has always ranked as possibly my favorite simple gag device on any television series. 5. Every time I watch Blade Runner I can't help but think of the Cone of Silence during the Voight-Kampff test sequences. Now I imagine some of you will think of it too next time. Thank me or curse me then.

    6. I used to think it unfair how Max was referred to as being a total klutz, bumbling about until he accidentally got lucky or 99 saved the day. Only years later did people admit that he could definitely hold his own in hand to hand combat. And not enough is said about his ingenuity and never-say-die attitude.

    7. I let out a big laugh whenever Agent 44 (Victor French - the original) popped up from inside a mailbox or a trash can.

    8. Michael Dunn scared the bejeezus out of me in the 60's. He was Kaos Agent Mr. Big in the first Get Smart episode and the ever creepy Dr. Loveless on the Wild Wild West. 9. As much as I always had a fascination with robots, I never cared much for Hymie (Dick Gautier).

    10.Did I mention the CONE OF SILENCE?
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