Get Smart

NBC (ended 1970)





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  • KAOS, CONTROL, Inept agents a recipe for greatness

    What a great show, i started watching this show due to really enjoying the film that has just been released. As long as you remember when the show was made its brilliant. The corny one-liners and the really useless gadgets.

    Maxwell Smart is the main man as agent 86 of CONTROL he spends each week going on a mission of some nature and somehow manages to complete them in his own comedic way.

    To help him he is normally assigned agent99 who is much more adept at spying than 86 and she constantly comes up with good ideas that max steels.

    Other key characters help to round of the show, even some who are just plain silly but get the laughs, like the agents who are constantly put in the most ridiculous of places to assist Max.

    The show is set against the cold war where KAOS is an eastern European organisation that CONTROL is endeavouring to liquidate. Funny one liners and a blast to the past make this a show to watch. I thouroughly enjoy it. I think it could be funy to see a remake of this show in the form aof a tv programme rather than a film