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NBC (ended 1970)





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  • Maxwell Smart is Agent 86 working for CONTROL, a secret spy organization fighting criminal activity, usually from KAOS, an organization of evil doers.

    Get Smart is one of those shows that seems to get better and better as time goes on, even though the spy craze and the Cold War that gave birth to it have both long passed into almost irrelevance. Perhaps because it was a satirical take on the genre has given it more of a shelf life. Indeed, really good satire has been hard to find on network TV over the years. GS helped open the door for sit-coms to do satire, but even there, only a few sit-coms have done satire as well as Smart. With the catch phrases, the wild physical humor and silly sight gags, these shows are still hilarious. And dont underestimate the talents of Don Adams. He was just an absolutely brillant performer on this show. Its kind of sad that nothing else he ever did came even close to matching his work here. And the chemistry between Adams and Agent 99- Barbra Feldon cant be overlooked either. The first 2 seasons were almost flawless thanks in large part to that chemistry. Then in the 3rd season, the producers made a mistake that would haunt them the rest of the series. With the spy craze already starting to fade, they decided, in order to add some life to the series, they would have Max marry 99. At first it didnt seem to hurt, it seemed to add an interesting new element, but soon it became clear that the show had become domesticated and for the final season, they changed the opening and added babies, and further doomed to the show. Fortunately, the first 2 seasons live on in syndication and now on DVD, so some the best satire in the history of American TV can be seen over and over and theres nothing wrong with that. And to further confirm the shows significance, last year saw the release of Get Smart, the full length feature film.