Get Smart - Season 3

NBC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • 9/23/67
    Max is set to testify against Kaos Agent Elwood Tudbury.However Kaos is determined to stop him at all cost.
  • Viva Smart
    Episode 2
    Max and 99 travel to San Saludas after being contacted by the daughter of the President of San Saludas who is being held prisoner by General Pajarito. Max and 99 meet their contact who tells them that the President is in the dungeon. When Max and 99 impersonate two flamenco dancers, the General realises they are imposters and puts them in the dungeon too. Max buys their escape causing the firing squad to only use blanks. Up against the wall, Max tricks the soldiers to fire on the General and they make a break for it. The soldiers catch up and tell them that General Pajarito is dead and that Don Carlos can be President again.moreless
  • 9/16/67

    KAOS's League of Imposters are serving as duplicates for CONTROL agents, trying to steal the plans for a warhead and wreak havoc at CONTROL. After the real Max kidnapped and is replaced by an impostor, he manages to escape and a committee has to determine which is the real Max!

  • 10/14/67
    Max's new informer promises to deliver evidence implicating the top leader of KAOS, though it turns out that the informant has long been dead. Max must hold a seance to get his evidence.
  • 10/21/67
    With a cutback at control, everyone is taking on extra jobs.
  • Supersonic Boom
    Episode 6
    KAOS attacks the CONTROL headquarters with a sonic boom and threatens to use it on New York City.
  • 11/4/67
    A country singer accidentally swallows a KAOS transmitter disguised as an olive. Max has to protect her from KAOS agents.
  • 11/18/67
    KAOS designs the world's strongest robot.
  • Dr. Yes
    Episode 9
    Max and 99 go to Lost Lake to track down the person who is sabotaging missile launches.
  • 12/2/67
    The British CONTROL needs Max to go undercover.
  • The Mild Ones
    Episode 11
    Max and 99 have to infiltrate a motorcycle gang called the "Purple Knights" because Control believes that they kidnapped the Prime Minister of a foreign country while Max was guarding him. Max called himself 'Wheels' and 99 was 'Legs'. To join the gang Max has to pass an initiation test (jousting on motorcycles). 99 conveniently blinded 'Brute' with her compact so that Max could knock him off his bike. Later at the bikers 'pad' Max is dancing with 'Dollbaby' and learns that the P.M. is in the back room. When the gang are asleep, Max and 99 creep into the room to rescue the P.M. but 'Brute' catches them in the act. Max is chained by the arms and legs to four M/bikes all heading off in different directions. Max tells 'Brute' that at this very moment, this whole area is swarming with 100 highway patrolmen with Dobermans. The flag drops, the bikes roar away, but Max is still in one piece! 'Dollbaby' filed through the chain links. Max and 99 go after 'Brute' and 'Kool'. They set a trap and catch them. Later, Max tells the Chief that 'Dollbaby' should get the credit for helping him rescue the P.M.moreless
  • 12/23/67
    Max gets poisoned by a female KAOS agent and has to search for an antidote.
  • 12/30/67
    When a top CONTROL scientist dies, it turns out that he wasn't the real brains behind the operations.
  • The King Lives?
    Episode 14
    Max must impersonate his lookalike King Charles in order to foil a KAOS assassination plot in this spoof of The Prisoner of Zenda.
  • The Groovy Guru
    Episode 15
    This episode Max and 99 face the most groovy Kaos agent ever. The Groovy Guru is taking over the all the teenagers with his radio show and music which causes them to be in his control. The Chief has already sent some of their best agents to try and stop the Groovy Guru from broadcasting his mind controlling show on the television sets of million of teenagers. Now it is up to Max and 99 to save the day but of course they first have to make sure that the sound of their own hearts doesn't kill them.moreless
  • The Little Black Book (1)
    Max receives a visit from his Army buddy Sid Krimm.Before he arrives however,a woman defecter from Kaos shows up to give Max a little Black Book that contains the names of various Kaos Agents.The woman is shot,and Max has to hide her when his friend Sid shows up.Hiding the woman will soon be the least of Max's worries.moreless
  • The Little Black Book (2)
    Having found out that Max is a Spy,Sid who unwittingly gave what he thought was an ordinary Black Book to Kaos Agents.He accompanies Max on their search for the Book,and the infamous Maestro,a Top Kaos Assassin.
  • Don't Look Back
    Episode 18
    In this take-off of The Fugitive series Max is framed by Kaos.He is charged with Bank Robbery,and Murder.This comes about when a one-handed Man(in a Maxwell Smart facemask)shoots the Bank Guard,in front of witnesses who could identify him.Further evidence surfaces when the Bank Money is found in Max's Apartment planted there by Kaos.A Control Lawyer is hired,and loses the case.Max is then sentenced to death While he is being transfered,Max see's the One-handed Man,he tries to tell the cop escorting him ,but he would'nt listen.So Max breaks away,escapes,and goes in search of the One-Handed Man.Will Max succeed,and clear his name?moreless
  • 99 Loses CONTROL
    Episode 19
    Feeling that she has no future at Control, and no future with Max, 99 decides to leave, and accept the marriage proposal with handsome, wealthy Victor Royale. Max, feeling jealous, goes to pursue 99.Having saved Royale from an assassination attempt, Royale offers Max a job as his bodyguard. Max contemplates accepting the job. Soon, he and 99 are introduced, but neither one gives the other away.As a matter of fact 99 doesn't tell Royale that she use to be a Spy; which at the time is wise, because Royale is currently a spy... for Kaos.moreless
  • The Wax Max
    Episode 20
    Max,and 99 enjoy their day off at an amusement park.Little do they realize that the Amusement Park is actually a Kaos drop-off place for secret messages.
  • 3/2/68
    Max & 99 are called into the Chief's office. He tells them 'Weeknews' magazine is doing a story on Control. Mr Fitzmaurice wants to accompany two Control agents on a case for his story.The Chief selects Max & 99. Miss Magruda,Fitzmaurice's assistant is actually a KAOS agent trying to make a fool out of Max so Weeknews will write a bad article about Control. Max thinks Fitzmaurice is the KAOS agent when things start to go wrong.99 realises it's Miss Magruda & they solve the case. Mr Fitzmaurice was going to write a good article about Control until Max accidentaly uses a blowdart on him.moreless
  • Spy, Spy, Birdie
    Episode 22
    Albert Pfister starts to blow up the world using his new silent explosive.
  • Run, Robot, Run
    Episode 23
    KAOS agents disrupt an international track meet by injuring the U.S. athletes.
  • The Hot Line
    Episode 24
    The Chief is relieved of Duty as Chief when he receives a call from what he believes is the President. It turns out it actually was Gorshen, a Kaos voice impersonator informing him that as of that day, Max is the New Chief. This is part of Kaos's plan to infiltrate and then destroy Control. Max has to protect CONTROL from KAOS to save the day.moreless
  • Die, Spy
    Episode 25
    The story spoofs NBC's "I Spy" and Robert Culp of that series appears in a cameo role.
  • 4/6/68
    CONTROL tries to get files that contain a list of KAOS informers and agents.