Get Smart

Season 1 Episode 28

Ship of Spies (2)

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 1966 on NBC

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  • If you like the comedy style of the series, this one has it all.

    Max and 99 must find a spy onboard a ship, amidst a plethora of suspects.

    Parts 1 and 2 are probably my favorite episodes of the entire "Get Smart" series, its has a lot of the ingredients that make the situation hysterical. Nice atmospheric mood, a tramp steamer in perpetual fog, tons of suspects that all make a co-incidental "clip clop" noise and spout suspicious dialog, a cliff-hanger between parts 1 and 2, the first appearance of Agent 44 and on and on. When Smart confronts Captain Groman and asks if one of the ship's crew could possibly be implicated, I still laugh at Groman's denial and insistance that its impossible because "each one was hand-picked from the scum of Europe".

    A great mixture of the "serious" spy genre, funny dialog, nice set-up, and free from the over repeated "catch phrases" that got a little old as the years wore on.