Get Smart

Season 2 Episode 22

Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Feb 18, 1967 on NBC

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  • The idea appears to be borrowed from a specific episode of HAWAII 5-O.

    What reminds me of a specific episode of HAWAII 5-0 is the main segment using a COIN, a Silver Dollar. First,I'll describe the "Get Smart" segment and then follow up with the one from HAWAII 5-0, so a comparison and comments can be made.
    In the case of Maxwell, the COIN is actually a gadget which contains a highly sensitive microphone which will transmit eavesdropped conversations to the Chief and 99. At the Casino where a Kaos agent has arranged to meet Mr. Jericho, Max keeps flipping the Coin, during which it accidently drops into strap-tray of Cigarette lady. Max is Unable to retrieve the Coin from the Cigarette lady. At that point,a Customer buys cigarettes from the C-lady, but that customer pays with a $20 bill instead of small change,so the Lady has to give him ALL the loose change including Max's coin. Then the Customer uses the coin to play the ONE-ARMED BANDIT, and hits the jackpot! As the many coins spill out, Max's coin rolls over to the table occuppied by Kaos, and waiter picks up that coin and gives it to Jericho, thinking it dropped out of Jericho's pocket, so now luckily the "coin" can enable the Chief and 99 to eavesdrop.
    That was the segment from Get Smart. Now let me describe the segment from HAWAII 5-0. In this HAWAII 5-0 episode, a prestigitator steals a very valuable Coin from a coin exhibition. Just as he is about to exit from the building, the exhibitor discovers the theft and sounds the alarm. Consequently,the security guards prevent everyone from leaving. Thinking fast, the thief inserts the Coin into the Slot of a NEWSPAPER VENDING MACHINE. After all the visitors are found "clean", including the thief, the thief waits for the newspaper delivery man to pick up the coins from the vending machine. When that happens, the thief follows the man to other pick-ups until one pick-up is done in a relatively secluded area where Nobody else can see. The thief struggles with the man, during which the newspaper-man gets accidentally shot. The many coins have all spilled out in the alley, so the thief and his girlfriend try to find the valuable coin frantically. But because people have heard the gunshot, the thief and his girlfriend are forced to flee before finding the coin. Later, when the "heat" is off, the pair decide to go back to the alley again. The place has been cleared by the police, but the thief still believes in the remote possibility that the valuable coin might still be there. Off in the distance, an old man and his grandson find that coin. So the thief has to trail them. The old man goes to a Chinese eatery and buys noodles for which he pays with the coin. Then another customer, a Lady, buys some food too, and the shopkeeper gives her some change. The thief notices the valuable coin is among that change,so he trails her. Along the way, the Lady's purse is snatched by ANOTHER thief! So now thief chases thief!! The purse-snatcher drops the purse, but the valuable coin is NOT there. So the thief gives up and both he and his girlfriend go to a bar to drown their sorrows. Then at the bar, when they buy their drinks, the bartender gives them change, which astonishingly includes the valuable coin!! But once outside the bar, the thief and his girlfriend are apprehended by Hawaii 5-0 because clues had pointed to their crime.

    In that HAWAII 5-0 episode, the many twists and turns the Coin takes, the very circuitous route it takes certainly resembles the circuitous route taken by the Coin in Get Smart. And of course it's a particularly strong resemblance because Both stories use a Coin. The difference is that GET SMART is comical whereas HAWAII 5-0 is a serious police drama. Although I must ADMIT that even the HAWAII 5-0 segment became comedic at one point where the thief has to chase that purse-snatcher, a matter of thief chasing a thief!!