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ABC (ended 1964)


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Get The Message

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In this Goodson-Todman game show hosted by Frank Buxton (and later Robert Q. Lewis), two teams consisting of two celebrities & a contestant (of each sex) competed.

The object is to Get The Message by providing clues that would pertain to any subject (person, place, thing, phrase, etc.). The celebrities would look at the answer on their monitors, then write down a one word clue (no proper nouns), then in turn a team (ie; men's team) of those two celebrities would show their clues & it's up to the contestant to Get The Message. If incorrect, play passes to the other team. If both teams miss, they get a second try with different sets of clues.

IE: Let's say that the message was "TEXAS". Legal clues would be state, cowboys, oil, etc., while illegal clues would be Dallas, Houston.

The team that gets the message wins 1 point. The first team to reach 3 points won the game & $100 for the contestant.

The bonus round is called Turnabout, where the contestant gave the clues to three messages. If the celebrity guessed the message in one clue, $100 was awarded. $50 for two, $25 for 3 & $10 for 4 clues. So the best possible winnings for any contestant would be $400.

No returning champs were allowed, the contestants played one game.moreless